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Young Nigerian man who had difficulties paying his school fees wins 6 scholarships, graduates top of his class

A young Nigerian man named Ifeanyi Monday Udeh who faced challenges in paying for his school fees was awarded six scholarships and successfully graduated at the top of his class.

Ifeanyi obtained his bachelors degree in Accounting with a first class honors f 4.73 over a possible 5.00 cumulative grade point average. Celebrating his achievement on Linkedin, he stated that he graduated top 1% of his class.

He said the academic journey was an incredible one filled with challenges and triumphs adding that he is grateful to God for every moment that has led him to this achievement.

Reflecting on his journey, he remembers starting with a C grade in one of his courses in the first semester of his first year which was disappointing but because he was determined to excel, he vowed never to settle for anything less than hisbest and studied hard.


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Ifeanty stated that night classes became his second home, earning him the title of “the face of night class ” by his colleagues. In his second year at the university, he stated that he faced a tragic incident.

He stated that his father who was his major sponsor, suffered a stroke, which made it difficult for him to support his education financially. However, he was able to secure scholarships totaling six to support himself.

He was awarded scholarships from Chevron, Total Energies, Federal Scholarship Board, Jim Ovia, Etinosa Foundation, and PTDF. Ifeanyi also mentioned that he was involved in different side jobs as a student to support himself.



Ifeanyi said he is grateful for the scholarships he received, which not only helped with his education but also enabled him to support his family financially. He said achievement is a reflection of the unwavering support of his parents and family.

He added that their sacrifices, faith in him, and love have been crucial in the academic journey. Ifeanyi expressed his gratitude to his colleagues who not only supported him academically but made up 90% of his clients. 

Ifeanyi also thanked his lecturers noting that they not only imparted knowledge but also served as mentors and guidance along the way. He said their guidance and support have been invaluable, and he is honored to have learned from the best.

Ifeanyi said he is grateful to everyone who helped him reach the important milestone encouraging everyone to keep pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and pursuing their dreams together.

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