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Young Nigerian man who worked as a bricklayer to pay his school fees finally graduates university, becomes the first graduate in his family

An exceptional man named Cyprian Maduadichie who works as a brickmaker and bricklayer to fund his education has finally graduated from Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra Nigeria.

Cyprian obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko Anambra Nigeria. He faced several challenges in a bid to earn a degree because of his family’s financial constraints according to Punch. 

He did many menial jobs in order to survive through school . Cyprian said he was involved with jobs like packing sand in bags and selling it,  palm oil processing and  wrote assignments for people in school which he used fo pay his house rent.

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”If I got N5,000, it would go for my house rent; I would give it to the landlord. With that, I was able to complete the rent. I used a hoe to make mud for people and got paid. I also worked at construction sites, carrying blocks and mixing concrete. That was very stressful, but it was for good,” he said.

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Cyprian said he had to juggle multiple jobs because his father was a trader who had no trade and his mother a a civil servant was the one fending for their family with her little salary.

”My family basically survives on my mother’s little salary, and when I asked my mother for money, she complained and then I would feel bad. So, I just had to do everything within my capability to ensure that I had something in my pocket to support my education,” he said.

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Cyprian mentioned that his first career choice was to be a priest which he enrolled in but he could not further to the next stage. He said he started doing menial jobs right from when he was in seminary, working as a bricklayer on weekends and during the holidays.



” During the holidays, I would come home, pick up my shovel and head pan, look for a building site, and ask for laboring work. If they accepted me, I would work and collect my money at the end of the day. With time, it became a habit,” Cyprian said.

On weekends, I would look for jobs, do them, and use the money to support myself during the week. I started the menial jobs when I was in JS2 or JS3.,” he added. Cyprian said he was able to manage through school with the little amount he was earning as he made sure to live within his capacity.

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” During my ND programme, I shared rooms. It wasn’t a ‘self-contained’ apartment, but a single room, which I shared with someone. The rent was N50,000 per year, so we paid N25,000 each,” he said.

”Save? I was not able to save. There were times when all I had for an entire week was only N100. I would trek from my lodge to school for lectures, and then back. But I had foodstuffs. If I could find garri, I would buy N20 sugar and eat it to sustain myself. That was the normal campus life. It was not easy,” he added.

Cyprian said amidst all of the jobs, he still prioritized his studies. He said he read every day and did quizzes and exams. He added that he studied and programmed himself with a reading timetable.

He mentioned that his financial challenges also affected his studies as could not buy some textbooks and workbooks resulting in him missing marks on some of his workbooks and assignments.

Cyrpian expressed his gratitude to his friends who were supportive in his final years. He stated that his friend would buy him textbooks alongside his own.


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