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Young teenage boy wins $40,000 Amazon scholarship, set to become the first graduate in his family

A young boy named Angel Feliz has won the Amazon Company Engineering scholarship worth 40,000 dollars to study Computer Engineering at any university of his choice in the United States.

Feliz who moved from the Dominican Republic to Providence, United States when he was 9 years old was awarded the Amazon Engineering Scholarship. Amazon, the world’s leading online awarded 100 inspiring computer science students looking to take their education and future careers to the next level with scholarships.

The scholarship is worth 40,000 dollars for them to study computer science at a university of their choice along with paid internships at the company upon the completion of their freshman year of college.

He stated that when he found out that he won, he called his mother who made them both emotional as he is a first-generation immigrant and the scholarship will make him the first in his family to ever attend and graduate from the university.


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“I’m a first-generation immigrant. This scholarship means that I will soon also be a first-generation college student and can continue exploring pathways in technology without placing a financial burden on me and my family,” Feliz said.

”It also helps me feel motivated. It is important to me to know that I have people supporting me along the way,” he added. 

Feliz stated that he loves the collaboration that his computer science work has offered to date, which counters the perception of independent, siloed work environments that many have of the field. 



Feliz said he plans to attend college in the northeast to study for his bachelor’s degree adding that he will major in Computer science with a minor in Cybersecurity.

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