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Young teenage boy wins $8 million scholarships to study in 100 US universities, set to become an Engineer

A brilliant teenage boy named Xzorion Harris has achieved a remarkable feat after winning  $8 million worth of scholarships from 40 Universities and Colleges in the United States.

Xzorion Harris is a Memphis teen who earned acceptance from 100 colleges and universities in the United States. He also has been offered more than 8 million dollars in scholarship money.

Harris graduated from Whitehaven High School in Memphis, Tennessee with a good grade. He is one of the 46 Whitehaven graduating seniors to receive more than $1 million in scholarships.

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He said he was surprised at his achievement, as he did not expect such accomplishments from a Black kid. Harris said he believed the achievements reflected his dedication and hard work, and he is proud of himself.




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Harris also received the 5th highest amount of scholarships in the history of his high school and the largest of any male student.

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Whitehaven School’s Senior English teacher and Dual Enrollment Specialist, Akita Banger Gray described Harris’s achievement as a mindblowing one and one that he expected. “For most of our students, it’s the expectation, so it’s not surprising. When you go as far as Xzorion has gone, it’s mind-blowing,” he said.

Advising others who want to be like him, Harris encouraged them to be dedicated and put in their best in anything they do.

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“Being dedicated, you have to not only do it, but do it at the best you can do and be the best that you can be. Put in your full effort into whatever you’re doing,” he said

Out of his options, Harris said he chose to attend Tuskegee University because it’s an HBCU and they have a good engineering program as he plans to become an Engineer.

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