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Young Woman sets record in the US, becomes first person to bag Cybersecurity degree

A young woman named Alexis White has made history as the first-ever person to bag a Cybersecurity degree at the State of Louisiana, United States.

Alexis White bagged her Cybersecurity degree at Grambling State University. She is the first person in the state of Louisiana to hold a degree in that major.

She obtained her first bachelor’s degree in biology at the same Grambling University when she was chosen as a high school freshman to attend Louisiana Tech’s Cyber Security Camp.

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Alexis enrolled in Biology because the university started the program later on. She stated that she had always had an interest in Cybersecurity as she was on her high school’s robotics team.

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“I knew I would regret it if I did not give myself the opportunity to really live out all my interests especially since I had loved science since Barney was mixing blue and yellow to make green paint,” she said.

Alexis told reporters that she plans to complete her Clinton Global Initiative internship classwork and later begin an apprenticeship as a cyber analyst in governance risk and compliance at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

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She said she almost missed the internship, explaining that her grandmother got sick the day she was scheduled to interview. Alexis added that she planned to cancel, but decided at the last minute to go, get the internship, and surprise her grandma with the good news.

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“So, the next day she actually passed away. So I didn’t get a chance to tell her but she knew what I was doing, and so after that, I got the email saying that I had gotten the position, the cybersecurity position with governance, risk, and compliance,” she said

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”So just to say, I am so happy that I was able to get that position and to make my family proud,” she added. Alexis professor, Dr. Yenumula Reddy stated that she was hardworking and was able to graduate from the cybersecurity program within two years.

“Even though she transferred to this department, she worked hard and had internships in a lot of other places. She participated in many programs and actually took many of my classes. So, she’s graduating, I think we are proud of her for being the first graduate,” Dr. Reddy said.

Alexis mentioned that she is excited about her historical achievement and encourages everyone to use her story as inspiration.

“My journey was not easy, but it was achievable. If you can get yourself to think positively, keep going no matter the opposition, and just do it, it can be done,” she said.

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