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15-year-old girl graduates US university with two degrees before finishing high school, set to be a Psychologist

An exceptional 15-year-old boy named Noel Ramos has achieved the remarkable feat of graduating from Kellogg Community College United States with two degrees in before graduating from high school.

Noel is a teen from Michigan who is a sophomore at Gull Lake High School who graduated with an Associate in Arts and an Associate in General Studies degree at Kellogg Community College United States.

She began dual-enrolling at Kellogg Community College while in her first year at high school, taking up to five classes in a single semester. Noel said her mom discovered Kellogg Community College dual-enrollment program while doing research on options for taking college classes

“I was just taking college classes the first semester. Like I didn’t plan on graduating at all. Then my mom started looking into and she was like ‘Wait a second you like taking these classes you might as well just like get your degree.’ I’m like ‘Oh my goodness that’s such a good idea,” she said,

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When she was in high school, she took her initial college courses: a basic English class and a basic math class. These were just the beginning, as she estimated that she completed around 15 to 20 additional courses at the same school.

Noel stated that the courses covered various subjects, including criminal psychology, studio art, and astronomy. She said that though they were challenges she found the college courses were easier than some of her high school courses academically,

“College teachers do care about your grades, but it all depends on you,” Ramos said. “You have to keep in contact with the teachers; you have to actually care,” she said.


Noel mentioned that she eventually wants to be a school psychologist adding that the career goal was aided by the media attention that was generated by her recent accomplishments.

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