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16-year-old boy beats contestants to win Google contest, bags $30,000 scholarship

An exceptional 6-year-old girl named Milo Golding has outshined contestants around the world to emerge as the winner of the Google art contest and was awarded a $30,000 worth of scholarship.

Milo, a Lexington high school student was declared the winner of the 13th annual Doodle for Google competition. He was selected out of 54 state and territory winners.  He was featured on Google’s homepage for 24 hours.

Milo was also awarded a 30,000 dollars worth of scholarship and a 50,000 dollars technology package for his school. The contest which was open to K-12 students across the United States asked students to design a Google Doodle inspired by the theme “I am strong because.

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“I put I am strong because I have hope. One of the main reasons for that is I remember having a conversation with my father about how he went through life’s obstacles to become who he was, and he said, ‘Hope. Hope makes me strong,” he said.


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Milo said his father passed away of a heart attack when he was just 13 which was a tragic incident for him but he said it has been that message of hope his father instilled in him that has motivated him to achieve goals and give back to his community.

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The LCA Head of School, Dr. Scott Wells said Milo is one of those truly special young people who makes their school, community, commonwealth, nation, and world a better place.

“Milo’s message of hope is a powerful and courageous statement that inspires those around him to make a difference in the lives of others. This morning, he inspired our nation when word of his story broke in the news,” he said.


Milo stated that he is grateful for the support he received from his community. He also thanked Google for providing opportunities like this for kids like him who want to share their message of inspiration and personal stories with others.

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