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16-year-old-boy graduates US university with high honors, becomes a computer scientist

A 16-year-old boy named Raja Krishnaswamy has achieved an outstanding feat as he graduates from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States with a Computer Science degree.

Raja Krishnaswamy is a Monroeville teen who has always been exceptional since a very young age according to his mother. He started reading the Alphabet at just 8 months old, started reading Harry Potter books at 3, and learned algebra at the age of 4. 

Raja told Pittsburgh that he was homeschooled since he began kindergarten but got bored within the first five months. Though his peers by age are in fourth grade, he said homeschooling helped him to be more brilliant.

He said he had to beg his parents to let him take college courses that would challenge him even beyond his online middle school classes. Raja’s parents did not consent at first but eventually after much persuasion from him, they agreed .

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He enrolled in Community College of Allegheny, County for a Computer Science course at the age of 9. Raja stated that he liked the college classroom so much which made him register for three courses, for 11 credits a semester.

Raja graduated from the Community College of Allegheny at the age of 13  with a 4.00-grade point. He also graduated from an online charter school as the valedictorian that same year.

He recently bagged a high honors degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States.

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Raja attributed his success to his parents, thanking them for their unwavering belief in him and for consistently challenging him which pushed him to excel. “My mom and dad gave me the opportunity to be able to do so that I was able to learn so much and so quickly,” he said. 

Raja’s mom,  Maria Krishnaswamy mentioned that he will be completing his masters degree later in the year. She added that he will be pursuing his Ph.D. immediately after he graduates.

Raja stated that he is interested in teaching adding that he has a  YouTube channel focused on creating educational videos spanning math, science, and possibly history. He also said he has a passion for instructing others and conducting research to discover new things.

“I’m interested in teaching. I have a YouTube channel where I’m trying to make videos about math, science, and maybe history. But I’m interested in teaching people, I’m interested in doing research, I want to discover new things,” he said.

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