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18-year-old boy graduates US high-school with 4.00GPA, sets record as school’s first black valedictorian

An 18-year-old boy named  Javien Delasbour has made history as the first black valedictorian of Erath High School, United States after scoring an outstanding 4.00 cumulative grade point.

Javien was the top graduate of the school’s 14 valedictorians for the school graduating set. He was the only student who earned a perfect 4.0-grade point average with no B’s on his record and all A’s on his final exams.

Aside from being an excellent student, Javien was also active in all other extracurriculars. He played saxophone in the Erath High band, ran cross-country, was a top-seven team finisher on the school’s 2018 state championship team, and was a member of the Beta Club.

Javien stated that he did not expect to become valedictorian but knew if he worked hard, he could be at the top of his class. He said the valedictorian picture did not solidify until the final weeks of his senior year. 

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Javien said he was focused on working his hardest because it was the right thing to do. He said it was challenging as it became tiring at some point and, and sometimes he wanted to slack off.

But at his weak moments he drew on the perseverance and determination he honed during band and cross country and kept pushing even when he was struggling. “I knew it was going toward a bigger goal at the end of the day. I knew I was working toward something bigger than just a quiz on a Monday,” he said.

“My parents always worked hard to get me where I’m at and I couldn’t let that go to waste…They showed me education was important and that it should be important to me too,” he added.


Javien stated that he would be following his mother’s footsteps and attending Louisiana State University where he would major in Civil Engineering. He said he has always been intrigued by the design and problem-solving behind the construction of bridges and roads.

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