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19-year-old basketball star graduates high school with 4.00GPA, earns acceptance to Top US university

A 19-year-old basketball star named Jacob Beccles has graduated from high school with a 4.00 grade point average which earned him an acceptance to Cornell University, United States.

Jacob is a basketball star who graduated from Constitution High School, Philadelphia with a 4.00 grade point. He played in his high school earning a total of 1000 points and different trophies .

His excellent performance both in his academics and as a basketball earned him an acceptance to Cornell Universit, an Ivy league school. Jacob said he was excited about his achievement as he did not expect it.

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“My mom, brothers, friends and family, they would all tell me I am good, but me, like, personally, I didn’t think I was that good how they were seeing,” he said.


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Jacob attended Constitution High School for four years, where he played basketball. He is currently continuing his studies at Lawrenceville Prep School in New Jersey until he resumes the university.

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The Philadelphia City Council gave Jacob recognition at a meeting for being the first basketball player from the Public League to receive admission to an Ivy League University in 40 years.

He attributed his success to his mother, Dannet Candeleria, stating that she showed him his work ethic and made sure he kept up with his schoolwork. “She’s just so hardworking. I see her every day working her tail off just to provide for our family. That’s very influential to me because I just feel like I could do the same,” he said.



Jacob’s mother, Dannet said has watched how hard he studied throughout his career and sat courtside at countless games. She added that she always knew he had it in him and she is proud of his achievement.

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“He had a standing ovation and I was just like, ‘Wow.’ And they were like, ‘You too. Stand up mom,’ so they called me out,” Dannet said. “It gets me very anxious. I can’t wait to try and compete to go to March Madness. I love the competition, it’s just so crazy,” she added.

Jacob will be joining the Big Red, Cornell University’s basketball team. He mentioned that he anticipates his resumption. “It gets me very anxious. I can’t wait to try and compete to go to March Madness. I love the competition, it’s just so crazy,” he said.

Advising other kids from his town who plan to go to the Ivy League, he encourages them to to stay focused, stay on the grind, and not give up. Jacob stated that he will be studying business at Cornell University. 



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