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36-year-old single dad earns Masters degree while working in 3 companies to care for his son

An exceptional 36-year-old Dad named Desmond Durham has earned a Master’s degree from Montclair State University in the United States despite working three jobs to take care of his son.

Desmond Durham who earned his Masters in Educational leadership says he has never considered himself to be the smartest but was driven by the determination to keep striving for great achievements.

“I never considered myself being the smartest person but the drive and the determination to keep going,” Desmond told ABC7.

Desmond has a 9-year-old son who was his motivation throughout his entire academic journey. By day, he’s a health and physical education teacher at Barringer High School. In the afternoon, he works as the district coordinator for Newark’s elementary basketball program. 

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And by night, he’s a teacher for adults pursuing their General Education Diplomas or GEDs at Newark Evening High School.. All three jobs while he was a Full-Time Master’s student at Montclair State University.

“Dedication, hard work and long days, long nights, it’s the will,” Desmond speaks further on how he was able to achieve his Masters degree despite having three jobs.


Desmond describes his 9-year-old son as the reason he has to keep moving. “My son, he’s my why and he’s the reason why I execute. When he’s looking at me I gotta keep moving,” he said.

A Professor at Montclair State University, Rachel Garver, says she was impressed with how Desmond was able to handle all that was on his plate.

“I knew how much he had on his plate and was impressed with everything he was able to handle and hand in such quality graduate school work,” Professor Racheal Graver said.

Desmond’s mom and son were with him as he receives his Master’s degree certificate on Tuesday. He says he now looks forward to being a reflection to his students and being a positive light to them.

“I just want to be a reflection for my students and a positive light for them,” Desmond speaks of his dream of becoming a high school principal in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey, United States.

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