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After spending 6 months in prison, 47-year-old woman enrolls in university, earns 3 degrees in 5 years

After spending 6 months in prison, 47-year-old Margaret Hall has defied all odds to be successful as she earned 3 degrees in just 5 years in the United States.

Margaret Hall was jailed for a class C felony and served a six-month sentence some years back. After getting out of prison, Margaret changed her ways and decided to go back to school.

Being a convicted felon came with many challenges, including self-doubt and stigma, but Margaret remained determined amidst the challenges. She enrolled at Glendale Community College according to 12 News before she later transferred to Arizona State University (ASU).

“Strive for bigger dreams and bigger goals. I didn’t want my children to think that was going to be the last chapter of my story,” she said.

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Margaret who is a mother of six children said she never looked back and was determined. She stated that she earned three degrees in five years with sheer hard work and dedication. “Every semester for the past five years. No summers off, no breaks,” she said.

In addition to her achievements, Margaret earned several scholarships, including one from the Jeannette Rankin Foundation, which provides scholarships and grants to women aged 35 and above seeking a college education.

She said her motivation was to inspire her children and to show them that being an ex-convict does not stop her from achieving her goal. “I didn’t want my children to think that was going to be the last chapter of my story,” she said.


She also shares a piece of advice with others who may be in a similar predicament, “It’s not where you start, but it’s where you end up.” She earned her third degree, a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, and Prelaw at Arizona State University.

Margaret said her goal is to start a grant-writing business to support non-profit organizations that help other individuals achieve their dreams.

In another story, a young African lady named Annie Nakushwela who used to work as a security guard to pay her school fees has finally graduated as a Nurse.

Annie Nakushwela is a Zambian native who worked as a security guard while studying to become a Nurse at Levy Mwanawasa Medical University

She took to her Facebook to celebrate her achievement of finally graduating as a Nurse. While working as a security guard, Annie was determined to have a career as a clinical Nurse.

With determination, Annie gathered her tuition fees, working as a security guard while juggling her studies. Read more about Annie HERE.

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