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Amazing scenes as a 5-year-old boy who missed his graduation in US gets a surprise graduation ceremony on a plane

5-year-old, Xavier Ravias who missed his graduation ceremony because of an event has been surprised with a ceremony mid-air in the United States.

Xavier missed his kindergarten graduation ceremony because his mother had a family event she had to attend. Xavier’s mother, Janeiry Rivas told GMA she was to attend a cousins wedding and was the maid of honor but her departure date clashed with Xavier’s graduation.

She said the turn of events made Xavier sad and he could not stop talking about it. Jainery said she was worried and felt guilty about the situation but with encouragement and consolation from her other family members, she decided to go.

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Upon getting to the airport for their flight from Orlando, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, the cabin crew noticed his mood and asked what was wrong, Xavier was quick to say he was sad because he missed his graduation.

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Jainery said they were 20 minutes into the end of the flight when the cabin crew reached out to her that they wanted to surprise Xavier with his own graduation. Xavier, in a red cap and gown, walked down the plane aisle after a flight attendant introduced him.

“He is missing his graduation, his kindergarten graduation today. And because he chose to fly Frontier instead, we are giving him his graduation ceremony on this flight,” the attendant said over the public address system.

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With music playing over the PA system, he came down the aisle and broke out into a big grin with fellow passengers applauding and cheering him on.


“He was just beyond excited, like his face lit up. He was super super excited, getting high fives from people and getting cheered on,” he said. Jainery said Xavier was very excited and she was glad he was honored which made her less guilty. 


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