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Brilliant Nigerian Lady graduates as a Chemical Engineer from US university, makes her father proud

A brilliant Nigerian Lady, Blessing Adesiyan whose father struggled to send her abroad to study finally makes her father proud as she graduates from the University Of Florida, United States.

Blessing obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from the University of Florida in the United States. Narrating her story on Twitter, she stated that parents deserve to be celebrated for all of their endeavors and sacrifices over their children.

Blessing attributed her success to her father who did not give up on her education despite her failure and his financial situation. She said it was after her third attempt in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination i.e. JAMB that he suggested she relocate abroad to continue her studies.

”Exactly 14 years ago today, my father who started this journey to ensure his child studied in one of the most renowned universities in the world saw it to the end. We don’t talk enough about our Fathers, their dreams for us, their relentless prayers, and undoubted sacrifices,” she said. 


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She mentioned that her father encouraged her to take the SAT (The Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a globally recognized test admitting students into colleges and universities all over the United States) examination while she had already given up on education and was working as a staff in an eatery in Nigeria.

”My father had encouraged me to pick up the SAT forms after he overheard his very rich friend talking to his daughter lovingly on the phone in Maryland USA, He called me up on my way to bed one night,” Blessing said.

”I was carrying my every the mat I spread every night in the church where I’ve slept now for six years & said Blessing, Pastor Ola’s daughter is in America studying, stop wasting your life away at Tantalizer selling meat pie & chicken,” she added.


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Blessing said she was not convinced enough because she knew her family’s financial situation was not enough to sponsor her education in the United States. But her father convinced her further by giving her transport fare to the school where she was going to take the SAT exam.

”I shrugged rebelliously like I always do. My dad has started with his epistle. Daddy, you don’t even have a $ to your name, and you are talking about America? He smiled, my God will provide. I saw it in my dreams, I saw men and women of all races receiving instructions from you,” she recalled.

Blessing said she took the SAT examination and passed excellently which enabled her to earn admission to study at the University of Florida.

” I went to MET, an SAT preparatory school where I ended up studying for the SAT and passing with flying colors. My father didn’t have a dollar to his name, remember? So it was all a dream,” she said.

She mentioned that after getting the admission, she was left with how to process her visa which was a hard throw for her family considering their financial status and she only had 38,000 naira in savings.

”Well, It was time to go to apply for a visa and we needed to show that we had the funds. Ladies and gentlemen, we had nothing. We spent days calling everyone we knew. Friends, church members, neighbors, family members,” she said.

She mentioned that they went to her father’s friend for financial assistance and he did not help. Blessing also added that her father opted to sell his only property which was their only tangible source of income but she refused.

In the end, Blessing’s father found a way and they were able to process her visa and all the necessary funding for her studies abroad. She graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

After earning her bachelor’s degree, Blessing obtained her Masters of Business of Administration (MBA) degree from the University of North Carolina Business School in the United States and a Master of Science in Energy Management from the New York Institute of Technology.

She began her career in Chemical Engineering and led operational, energy, and global business solutions for various Fortune 100 companies including PepsiCo, Cargill, DuPont, and BASF a chemical company, alongside building multiple employee resource groups to support parents and caregivers at work.

Blessing is presently the Chief executive officer of ‘Mother Honesty Work Life’, an organization that caters to and supports the affairs’ of motherhood and personal and professional life across the world.

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