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Determined Nigerian lady who had unexpected pregnancy at 19 finally bags Medicine degree, sets record as Belarus’ first black Gynecologist

A determined Nigerian lady named Oyewo Oyenike Noimot has beaten all odds to achieve her dream of becoming an Obstericts Gynecologist. She also made history as the first black Gynecologist.

Oyenike moved to Belarus, Europe in 2012 together with her friends in a bid to study Medicine. She stated that initially was doing a foundation course at a Nigerian university before she was introduced to an agent who recommended studying medicine in Belarus.

However when they got to Belarus, Europe they were never enrolled but instead was enrolled in a language school and that was when they realised they have been duped.

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“We were kind of duped. We were told that we’d be placed in a medical school, but were immediately taken into a language school instead,” she said. Oyenike said they struggled their way and fortunately she was admitted into Vitebsk State Medical University.

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“I was actually in Grodno [another state], but was admitted to Vitebsk after three months of language study. Others were not so lucky,” she said. Oyenike stated that things were going on well in Medical School until her second year when she got pregnant at the young age of 19.

Oyenike said that it was a challenging period for her as the father of the child already left the country before she found out but she pulled through.

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”Everything was okay until I got pregnant in 200L, it was such a challenging moment. The father of the child left the country, so I was alone but thanks to my friend and colleagues, I was able to scale through,” she said.


Oyenike said her parents were disappointed in her at the time but she remained determined to make them proud, because of their background. ”My family was not extremely rich, but we were comfortable and satisfied. Therefore, I was determined to finish school at all costs and also raise the child,” she said.

She mentioned that she faced challenges at the university because she missed class and was almost expelled but she made sure to pull through and tried her possible best not to miss any class as she has signed an undertaken.

“In my university, you cannot miss classes after a certain period of time, or you’ll be expelled. In Belarus, getting expelled as an international student means going home,” Oyenike said.

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“I just told them I needed some time to figure things out. And I recall this woman she was so strict. She just said, ‘Go home, go back to your country. You don’t speak the language. What are you doing here? You can’t survive,” she added.

To boost her falling grades, Oyenike said she would attend classes at 7 a.m. every day without breaks as she was the first Black student to get pregnant. With her dedication and passion, she was able to make her outstanding courses within a month.

Oyenike said her resilience was recognised as the university permitted her to continue studying, and after giving birth and told her that every class she missed due to the birth was free of charge.

She also credited the support of the Nigerian community in Belarul as they contributed to her hospital bills as she had no money. Oyenike added that their contribution also helped her complete medical school.

Oyenike graduated of Vitebsk State Medical University as an Obstetrics and Gynaecology doctor. She also made history as the first Black obstetrics and gynaecology (OB-GYN) doctor in Belarus, Europe.

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