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Exceptional 11-year-old African girl becomes expert in motorcycle repair, dreams of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer

An Exceptional 11-year-old African girl named Susanna Adjakie-Apekor has become an expert in the repair of Motorcycles with dreams of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer in the future.

Susanna is a young girl from Ghana with a passion for fixing motorcycles. Despite her young age, she has already mastered the art of repairing motorcycles such as handling tasks like fixing crankshafts and brakes and changing chains and sprockets.

Her interest in mechanics started at 3, encouraged by her father, as reported by the BBC. When her father, a busy mechanic, expressed frustration with his busy schedule, she took it upon herself to help him out.

From that moment, Sussana got into the motorcycle repair world, and with her mother’s approval, she went to live with her dad to become a trained mechanic.


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Susanna said she can now confidently help anyone fix motorcycles easily. She mentioned that at first, her father doubted how quickly she would learn and was worried she might have a hard time.

But she quickly proved him wrong, showcasing her excellent skills and determination to improve where needed. Despite being a high school student, Sussana manages to balance her academics with her passion for mechanics.

After school, she heads straight to the workshop to continue learning and improving her skills. Sussana said her ambitions are not just going to be based on repairing motorcycles alone. 


Sussana stated that she dreams of tackling bigger vehicles like cars, boats, and even airplanes in the future. She added that she also plans to open her mechanical shop someday.

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