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Young African Lady graduates from New York University as a Lawyer, makes mother proud as the only child

A brilliant 27-year-old Lady from SierraLeone, Jemie Fodia Fofanah, has graduated from the New York University Law School after being sponsored by her parents with a tremendous amount of money.

Jemie’s mother, Naasu Genevieve Fofanah, expressed how happy she was upon hearing the news that her daughter passed the DC Bar examination, certifying her as a Lawyer in the United States.

Naasu Genevieve expressed her happiness to see her daughter succeed through her social media handles, she wrote: “This evening my daughter called and said: ” Mummy, I passed the DC Bar” Maybe one day she will describe my reactions because I can’t put them into words!!
I am still floating in a tsunami of joy and pride.”

She added that during her time at the current age of her daughter, she had already become a mother and had just a high school certificate from SierraLeone. ” At your age, I was already your mother with just a high school certificate from SierraLeone. You have worked so hard and today, you’re an Attorney in the US! Go and serve humanity my daughter,” she wrote.

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Jemie Fodia Fofanah who now holds a Juris Doctor (J.D) certificate served as Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Fellow and Filomen D’Agostino Scholar during her time at the New York University Law School.


Naasu Genevieve prayed to God to guide her daughter Jemie as she embarks on her new journey to serve the people. She thanked all well-wishers for kind messages, love, support and best wishes.

“She worked incredibly hard and deserves all said here and beyond. I was blessed with her as my only child and I feel deeply fulfilled with my contribution to humanity as a mother,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I continue to uphold my faith in God for her guidance and protection. JJ has navigated academically and now I trust and know she will deliver same professionally,” she added.

Naasu Genevieve also added that she enrolled for her graduate program at the New York University Graduate School at the age of 47 and a year later her daughter, Jemie choose the New York School of Law because she wanted the both of them to be an Alumni of the institution.

“At 47, I was admitted tNYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Servicece and a year later my daughter chosNew York University School of Lawaw over many others because she wanted both of us to be alumni.”

“My parents could only pay my fees till secondary school so, University was a tall order financially. But, I knew education was the only way out. My daughter has sealed it all!! Thank you JJ! Thank you my daughter! Thank you Daddy JJ! Thank you God!!” she said.

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