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Young Black boy wins Youth of the Year Awards, earns $42,000 scholarship to the university

A young black boy named Xavier B has won the Youth of the Military Year Awards and was awarded a scholarship worth 42000 dollars to study at the university.

Xavier is a teen from Fort Campbell who was selected among five regional finalists from Boys & Girls Clubs of America-affiliated military Youth Centers.  He won the  Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s 2023 National Military Youth of the Year title.

He had earlier earned 22,500 dollars in college scholarships awarded through the state and regional levels of the Military Youth of the Year program and his award comes with an additional $20,000 for college, bringing his total scholarship amount to $42,500.

Xavier said his experience as a military-connected youth taught him that diversity, equity, and inclusion are the foundation of his beliefs and personal growth. ”As a child growing up within the military-connected community, I have experienced things many other kids have not been allowed to experience,” he said.

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“While I moved often and changed schools mid-year, leaving behind friendships, I also got to form new friendships and learn about new cultures and build new communities,” Xavier added.

He stated that the resiliency that comes with growing up as a military-connected youth has allowed him to look at the aspects of his life that may not be so desirable and see the positives.

“When my mom insisted that I visit the Youth Center, I was so nervous. I remember her telling me that this is where other military-connected teens go, so I decided to give it a chance. Immediately upon walking into the building, I was confronted with so much positive energy and excitement around me,” he said.


Xavier said through participation in various programs, including Keystone Club, Torch Club, Gardening Club, and Journalism Club, he found his voice and his purpose. He added that holding the title of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s 2023 National Military Youth of the Year, he stands as a beacon of inspiration and a guiding light for generations to come.

He said he will join five finalists in New York for the National Youth of the Year celebration to contend for the National Youth of the Year title where the winner will receive an additional $50,000 scholarship and a brand-new Toyota Corolla.

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