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Young boy who broke his neck in an accident survives, graduates from US high school with good grades

An 18-year-old boy named Noble Haskell, who broke his neck in an accident during his time as a student, has successfully overcome his challenges. He graduated with good grades from Colorado High School in the United States.

Noble, who is from Colorado, was in a car accident when he was 16 years old. He was on a road trip with his friends at the time and the accident resulted in him breaking his neck and other important bones.

He stated that he was able to survive the accident because he was rushed by an emergency flight to a nearby hospital where they took the broken bones out and stabled his neck for continuous treatment. 

“Three of my good buddies from cross country were all taking a road trip right before a couple of them left off to college and left off to the army one last hoorah if you will. We went to Branson, Missouri. On our way back, we were passing through Kansas on I-70 and we were rear-ended,” Noble recalled.

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”And I was Flight for Life from Russell, Kansas, down to Wichita where they had to perform surgeries to take the broken bones out of my neck, fuse my neck, but basically try to do what they needed to do to make it so I had the best possible chance for recovery,” he said of what happened two years ago,” he added.

Daniel stated that he spent the next 31 days in the Hospital after he was rescued, followed by four more months at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado before he was finally able to recover.

“When I first initially started realizing what was happening, a lot of it was just ignorance because I didn’t quite know what followed an injury like this,” he said.


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Noble further said though recovering was strange to him, he remained determined and he was able to learn how to make use of his new body.

“Day by Day, I slowly gained a lot more mobility and strength. Obviously, I lost a lot of muscle, but I was able to start doing a flicker with my finger; a flicker of my big toe. That snowballed into more movement, more strength, and more mobility all around,” he said.

Upon recovering, Noble returned to school with the support and encouragement of his family and colleagues. Despite needing a walking stick, he persevered and completed his studies.

He mentioned that his ultimate aim was to walk unaided during his graduation ceremony and receive his diploma certificate, and he achieved this goal.

“The biggest thing I was thinking to myself was just don’t fall, I didn’t want to fall in front of all those people. I’ve fallen a couple of times, but I didn’t want that time to be one of them,” he said.

Daniel’s mother, Kris Haskell described Noble’s recovery as a miracle. She said him walking at his graduation was not something she saw as impossible and she’s glad he did it.

“So to think about where he was two years ago, and to see him walk today, really was a miracle and it wasn’t just a big miracle, it was a hundred miracles along the way,” Kris said.

“I knew that he would walk again I knew that he would run and I think that’s what faith has been for us, that belief when you can’t see it, just the relentless going after it and belief that he’s going to do it — and he did,” she added.

Noble’s family hosted a  5K Walk/Run to raise funds for his continued therapy. The cost is $5 to run with additional donations accepted which will go directly to Noble’s therapy to run again.

Noble mentioned that he would wait for a full recovery before he would proceed to the university for his undergraduate degree.

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