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Young genius who speaks 4 languages and has 4 degrees emerges winner of UK Rhodes Scholarship, sets record

A young genius boy named Kolter Stevenson who speaks four languages and holds four different degrees has won the prestigious United Kindom Rhodes Scholarship to study for his master’s degree.

Kolter is a native of Amsterdam, Montana and a student of the University of Montana in the United States who was awarded the Rhodes scholarship to study for his masters at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

He made history as the first student of the University of Montana to receive a scholarship in 30 years. Kolter is one of 32 American college students who were named 2024 Rhodes Scholars.

“It’s an honor to represent the State of Montana. I share this award with my entire team who supported me in this journey. I’m still taking in the news,” he said.  Kolter is studying four bachelors degree at the University of Montana.


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Kolter has four majors in Management information systems, Finance, and International business together with a certificate in big data analytics. He can also speak four languages, which include Russian, Norwegian, Spanish, and English.

“It’s a gift and a blessing when you’re able to talk to someone in their language. The cultural learning is just much deeper, and when you can switch to their language, there’s tenfold the understanding,” he said.

In his recommendation letter from the University of Montana, Kolter was celebrated for his humble leadership, high intellect, varied interests, and insatiable curiosity related to renewable energy, globalization, languages, culture, and data.


The young genius is also studying Russian in the university’s College of Humanities and Sciences and is enrolled as a Presidential Leadership Scholar in the university’s Davidson Honors College.

He said he wishes to combine language expertise with other majors like management information systems and finance so that he could hone applicable skills in any field, such as data analysis, resource modeling, and coding.

Aside from his academic engagement, Kolter also taught alpine ski lessons as a Professional Ski Instructor of America at the Yellowstone Club and volunteered as a firefighter and emergency medical technician with the East Missoula Rural Fire District and Frenchtown Rural Fire District.

Kolter expressed his gratitude to the University of Montana faculty and staff for their support and encouragement. “I am only sitting here as a Rhodes because of the incredible faculty, mentors, and community families that I have,” he said.

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