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Young Nigerian-American lady who was expelled for being dull at US university finally becomes successful, gets white house appointment

A young Nigerian American lady named Lola Tomorrow  who was expelled for being dull while in Illinosis, Chicago University finally becomes successful as she gets appointed as a white house official in the United States.

Lola Tommorow who is currently an event planner and youth mentor bagged a bachelors degree in Meeting and Event Planning at Illinosis State University, Chicago in the United States.

Lola said she was expected to pursue a career in law, engineering, or medicine when she enrolled at Illinois State University but instead went on to organize different events for college students.

She stated that her organizing skills soon caught the attention of her department chair who advised her to consider event planning as a major in the university.

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Lola took the advice and decide to pursue a career in Events Management. However, her Nigerian Father did not support her decision but her mother supported recalling that she had always had an interest in management right from a young age.

“I looked into the major, and I never looked back, once I declared my major, my mom is a scrapbooking queen. She reminded me that when I was in the third grade, I planned my first event: a surprise baby shower for my teacher,” Lola recalled.

”My mom has all the records of me writing down every student that gave $2.25. I made a budget and itinerary and listed all the details. We bought a cake and had the principal get the teacher,” she added.


While in college, Lola was struggling with her academics. She was put on probation in her first semester and by the second semester, she was expelled. She added that her student advisor told her to enroll in another low standard college like other African American Student.

“I sat down with my academic advisor, and I’m in tears because I’ve been an honor roll student my entire life, and here I am getting kicked out of college. She said, ‘Listen, young lady, 90% of African American students from the inner city of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools are not ready. Go to a two-year college, finish there, then come back,’ and I refuse,” she said.

But Lola resisted,  and decidet to approach the  university’s president and pleaded with him to have her remain in school. Luckily, she was given an ultimatum that if she retained a 3.0 GPA and graduated in four years, she would be given another chance.

Although she did not achieve a GPA of 3.0, she managed to graduate in four years and went in for her chosen career as an event planner with the National Parents Teachers Association (PTA), organizing all of their national events for different groups of people.

Lola said her breakthrough in the event planning industry happened. She got a notice that Michelle Obama, a lawyer, writer, and wife of the 44th President Barack Obama. would be attending the group’s annual legislative conference.

She was tasked to organize the event even though she initially declined because she saw the task as a challenging one. Before Michelle Obama was about to speak at the event, Lola crawled on stage to quickly apply steam to a wrinkled fabric ahead she noticed ahead of the first lady’s speech.

Lola’s action caught the attention of the Michelle Obama whose office then approach her with an offer to work with the then-first lady. In less than a month, she was appointed as on the aide of the then first lady.

From there, Lola started getting contract from top brands such as the Grammy Awards organizers across the United States. This led her to eventually launch her own company ‘Faith Figures’ which has mentored hundreds of women into millionaire status according to Forbes.

Forbes also reported that her company has generated over $10 million in revenue for companies across various sectors. Some of the sectors includes beauty, coaching, healthcare staffing, transportation, marketing, child development, and education.


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