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10-year-old exceptional boy gains admission to Arizona State University, graduates with Sociology degree at age of 14

An exceptional boy named Gavin Munson who gained admission to Arizona State University, United States at the age of 10 has finally graduated with a Sociology degree at 14-years-old.

Gavin graduated with a bachelors degree in Sociology at Arizona State University’s T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at 14 years old, a age when most of his peers are still trying to navigate through high school.

He made history as the youngest ever student to graduate from Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics and one of the youngest Arizona State University Online students to graduate.

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Gavin started his university education at age 10 through an accelerated program from Los Angeles Mission College. The program enabled him to earn dual enrollment credit toward an associate’s degree while continuing his regular studies as an high school student. 

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He mentioned that his first course in the program was a memorable one noting that he sat in the first row and felt the stares from curious peers wondering what such a young student was doing in a college-level class.

“It did not bother me, but I did not understand why I was getting so much attention, especially when called to the whiteboard to solve problems in front of the class,” he said. Gavin said what made the class especially memorable was the advice the teacher gave to the class.

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“He told the class that if you set your bar high, you will aim high; if your bar is low, you will only do the minimum. That phrase has always stuck with me since,” he said.



Gavin followed the advice and was able to graduate from high school at the age of 12 and was at the top of his class with two years of college credits under his belt.

He said one of his dual enrollment credits was a life-changing sociology class taught by a passionate and engaging teacher, which sparked his interest in sociology while at the University.

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After graduating from high school and earning his associate’s degree with magna cum laude grade, Gavin transferred to Arizona State University and enrolled in their Sociology program. He stated that he opted for Arizona State University Online due to the flexibility of remote learning.

While at the University, Gavin said he was always fascinated by social behavior and enjoyed learning about society, its development, and how people function within it.

He said he also took advantage of the flexibility in electives, with his favorite class being: Positive Psychology, a class about handling stress effectively and keeping a positive outlook to achieve personal success.

Advising other students, he said what he learned from his psychology class is that one can achieve whatever they put their mind to do so they have a positive mindset toward their goals.

“If you put in the work, you will succeed, but you must try and keep a positive mindset. If you say you cannot succeed, you will not, but once you start saying ‘I can and I will,’ that is when you will see a change,” he said

Gavin stated that he is looking forward to figuring out his next move in academics. But first, he is taking a well-deserved gap year to travel, experience other cultures, and enjoy the fruits of his successes.



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