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15-year-old homeless girl bags Sociology degree at US university, set to become a Lawyer

A determined 15-year-old girl named, Arielle Metzger has bagged a Sociology degree from Stetson University in the United States despite facing the challenges of being homeless.

Arielle bagged her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Stetson University, United States with a 3.5 grade point average. She told CBS News that her challenges began with the Great Recession of 2008 when her family was among the people who lost their home to foreclosure.

She stated that her father, a carpenter and handyman in Central Florida, had been hit hard by the economic downturn adding that her mother died that period. Arielle said her father bought a truck that she and her family use as a shelter.

Arielle said it was around the time when they were living in a truck that a social worker found her family and interviewed them for a show. She mentioned that she wore a Stetson vest she found in a sack a local church assisted them with during the interview.

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After the interview, Arielle said the President of Stetson University reached out to her after he had received tons of emails asking for him to support her. The president told her that if she graduated from high school with good grades, she would receive a full scholarship.

She stated that she moved from the homes of relatives and friends, and then was placed with a foster family in Clermont, Florida who wanted to adopt her and give her a fresh start, changing her name to Autumn Hope Johnson.

She enrolled at Stetson University with a full-ride scholarship where she majored in sociology, minored in religious studies, and became a member of the National Honor Society.


Arielle mentioned that she plans to apply to law school and become an advocate for children after getting wedded to her longtime boyfriend. “I plan to be a child defense lawyer. If I focus on my studies, I have that opportunity,” she said.

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