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16-year-old boy graduates US high school with 4.00GPA, wins $600,000 scholarship to 17 universities

A brilliant 16-year-old boy named Darrel Bryant has earned 600 thousand dollars worth of scholarship offers to 17 different universities after graduating from St. John Academy, United States with a perfect 4.600 cumulative grade point average.

Darrel Bryant a boy from Georgia graduated from St. John Academy earlier than he ought to with a perfect 4.00 grade point. His excellent performance earned him 600,000 thousand dollars worth of scholarships to 17 universities and colleges across the United States.

Darrel has always been an exceptional kid since he was little. At age 11, he wrote a book called The Flower Nerd, addressing the issue of bullying which he has sold over 300 copies and is still selling.

According to Black News, his motivation came from a tragic incident about a 10-year-old Colorado girl who took her own life due to bullying.

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Throughout high school, Darrel maintained a perfect 4.00 grade and earned recognition as an honorary member of The National Society of High School Scholars. His teachers and family members testified to his dedication and hard work.

Darrel’s mom, Shyann stated that she knew her son was going to be an academic genius. Darrel’s cousin and math tutor, Tywana added that he is always ready to achieve his goal and has never been lazy about it.

“He’s always had that mindset to just always just be a go-getter. Always wants to do more, and always wants to go above and beyond. Being average has never been a part of his character,” Tywana said.


In his free time, Darrel enjoys video games, outdoor activities, and making stop-motion videos. However, most of his time is dedicated to studying and learning, despite being the youngest in the classroom.

”I want to be able to create an image for myself that shows who I am to others. I want to inspire other people to do great things,” he said. He earned acceptance from prestigious institutions like Savannah College of Art and Design, Harvard University, Yale University, and Brown University

Darrell said his next step is to attend Savannah Technical College to study aircraft assembly while preparing for his bachelor’s degree.

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