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17-year-old girl graduates US high school and university at the same time, wins full scholarship to study for her PhD

A brilliant 17-year-old girl named Seljon Akhmedli has graduated from both High School and University at the same time after an incredible run of both her Diploma program and Bachelor’s degree simultaneously.

She was also awarded a fullride scholarship to study for her doctorate at Northwestern University, Chicago in the United States.

Seljon bagged her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from North Dakota State University fifteen days before she finished high school classes. According to Dickison press, though she has already finished her undergraduate degree, she will take an advanced placement economics test and write an essay to complete high school.

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“If you had told me a year ago that this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have believed it. Right now, it’s a mixture of emotions, but overall I am very happy and grateful,” she said.

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Seljon stated that she and her family did not realize that the Advanced Placement classes she chose at Sheyenne Middle School could add up to a bachelor’s degree until later.

“She’s not a nerd type; she’s a hard worker. She took AP exams and got credits and suddenly it became clear that she can graduate,”  Seljon’s father, Azer Akhmedov, who is a mathematician and professor at her university said.

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She said graduating high school and college in the same month did not mean she gave up her teenage years. She mentioned that she was able to balance her academics together with her fun times.


“I was able to find a balance. I guess I really didn’t play video games, but I wouldn’t have played video games anyway. I feel like math is something I enjoy, so spending time for that, even for requirements, I enjoyed it. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t do things other teenagers could do,” Seljon said.

“It’s kind of like being two different students,” Akhmedli said. “In high school I had a lot more friends, but at NDSU, I still had friends, but it was a different environment,” she added. Seljon said her journey began in the sixth grade when she started picking up seventh-grade high school math courses.

She said in ninth grade, she chose a college sociology class for fun and soon she discovered she enjoyed college classes more than high school classes. Aside from numbers, topology, and dynamical systems, Seljon also enjoys creative writing, biology, and chemistry, and was involved in soccer and music.

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Seljon will be studying for her doctorate in Mathematics at Northwestern University. She stated that she chose the university because of the quality of the mathematics department adding that she felt a connection to teachers already there.




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