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17-year-old twin sisters who were born prematurely survive challenges, now accepted to Harvard University

17-year-old twin sisters, Gianna and Tianna Tout-Puissan who were born before their due time have overcome growth challenges and are now on their way to study at Harvard University.

Gianna and Tianna Tout-Puissan recently just graduated from Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They had to fight challenges after being born over two months before their due date of delivery.

They fought against all odds with their hard work and determination. Their hard work and dedication paid off as both of them have been admitted to study at the prestigious Harvard University, which had only a 3.4% acceptance rate out of 56,937 applicants for the class of 2027.

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The Tout-Puissan were excellent in their academics and were top star student-athlete in their high school.

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While in high school, the Tout-Puissan sisters developed their love of learning and honed in on their passions, becoming skilled varsity basketball players. While they, of course, have a lot of things in common, they are also different in a way that compliments each other.

“I know this sounds cheesy, but we’re very yin and yang. She says this crazy idea, and then I’m like, ‘OK, let’s think about the pros and cons of this before we do it.’ And then she gets me to step out of my comfort zone,” Tianna explained.

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The twins said while they’ve always dreamed of going to college together, to have both of them get into such a prestigious institution is still a shock. They described the experience as being surreal and exciting as they can’t wait to be surrounded by “hardworking and out-of-the-box thinkers” next year on the Massachusetts campus.

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“We logged into our application portals at the exact same time, and then we read ‘Congratulations’ on each other’s screens, and then we just started all screaming. My mom was crying. It was crazy,” Gianna said.

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The twins’ mother, Leah Tout-Puissant. expressed her excitement describing them as miracle babies. She also praised their dedication to their school work while in high school.

“To see them and how they’ve blossomed into the young women they are today, it’s like they’re miracle babies, “Leah said. “Hard working is an understatement, when you talk about hustle and grind, those are the words that define Gianna and Tianna when it comes to their schoolwork,” she added.

The Tout-Puissan twins said they will be majoring in chemistry on the pre-med track and also join the women’s basketball team while in Harvard before proceeding to medical school.Gianna has plans to become a cardiothoracic surgeon or neurosurgeon, and Tianna also has an interest in neurosurgery.

They both are interested in surgical procedures and exploring the benefits of new pharmaceutical drugs that can help patients so as to continue exploring their love for chemistry which was developed in high school.

“I just think that’s amazing how different parts of the brain literally impact your personality,” Tianna said.

“I’ve always been very much a hands-on learner,” Gianna said. I enjoy activities like painting, ceramics, and embroidery. “I just love the physical, hands-on aspect of medicine,” she added.

The Tout-Puissan twins decided to major in chemistry due to their great experiences with the subject in high school. They excelled in their chemistry classes, writing detailed notes and staying up late to master the problems. They also assisted their fellow students with studying and completing problem sets.

“I think a lot of their peers thought it was just natural for them,” explained their chemistry teacher Cole Wisdom. “But I had the real pleasure of seeing just how crazy hard they were working at it.” She added.

Their dedication and hard work were not only towards studying, it also translated to their playing of basketball all through their time in high school.

“They put the work in, year in and year out, Gianna played shooting guard and small forward, improving her 3-point shot to become an “elite scorer” with an average of 14 points per game while Tianna, who averaged 10 points per game, was a “smart player,” who made sure her teammates executed on offense as point guard,” said Avon Mack, Moravian Academy’s girls’ basketball coach.

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The Tout-Puissan twins said as they move into another phase of their life, they’re excited to continue pursuing their goals and would keep challenging and supporting each other to succeed next year at Harvard.

“We were really set on going to college together,” Gianna said. “And the fact that we were able to both get into such an amazing college was a dream come true,” they said.

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