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18-year-old girl wins 1.9million full scholarship, set to earn bachelor’s degree at Harvard

18-year-old, Trinity Grant has earned a scholarship worth 1.9 million dollars and a full-ride scholarship to study for her bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Harvard University, Maachussets in the United States.

Trinity, a graduate of Eufaula High School, Alabama in the United States bagged a 1.9 million dollar and a full-ride scholarship amidst different challenges including rejections according to WTVM.

Though she graduated from high school with a 4.16 grade point average, Trinty still ancouted challenges with her college acceptances and application.

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She said she was rejected from Duke University, placed on a wait for the University of Georgia, and was not offered a full ride scholarship to Howard University.“I was getting rejected, waitlisted left and right. It was kind of disheartening,” she said.


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However, not long after she received all of the disheartening news, Trinity received an acceptance and full-ride scholarship from Harvard University. She also received a scholarship from the Gates Foundation, totaling $1.9 million in scholarship money.

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“Everything counts. There’s also going to be opportunities for me to study abroad. I’m just so grateful for all that I got,” she said.

Trinity said she is excited about her achievement as she worked hard for it and had to juggle a lot  “I was really almost in every club. I had stuff to do almost every day of the week,” she said.


Trinity’s mother, Taylor Copper said she is proud of her accomplishment, all the hard work she has put in, the goals she has already crushed, and the ones she will achieve.

”I’m sooooo proud of you my love, Trinity Gant!! Most people only see the awards and accolades, but I’ve seen first hand the hard work and dedication you’ve put into everything you’ve accomplished your academic career!!! Congratulations,” she said.

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Trinity stated that she will be studying for her bachelor’s degree in Human Developmental regenerative biology at Harvard University. She said her biggest challenge is leaving her mother to resume the university.

“Living in a single-parent household, she’s done everything for us. She’s my biggest motivator. I hope every sacrifice she’s made for me; I can make up for when I go to school,” she said. 


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