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23-year-old African athlete wins full scholarship to University of Texas, graduates as a Nurse

A 23-year-old African athlete named Sarah Mwangi who was awarded a full scholarship to study at the University of Texas El Paso has graduated the university with a Nursing degree

Sarah Mwangi is a Kenyan native and an athlete who was challenged to run in a time trial of 1,500 meters at 8,000 feet of elevation in Nairobi to earn a scholarship to an American university in just five minutes.

“I had confidence in myself, and I had decided to do my best,”’ she said according to Citrusmag. Sarah was in Mother of Mercy High School in Nairobi Kenya when she was approached with the offer.

Sarah and a few of her classmates embarked on a three-hour journey during their summer break to a training camp where they trained with other high school runners, running two to three times per day, sometimes up to two hours at one time.

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She said her classmates stayed for two weeks and later traveled back for the Christmas break but she decided to stay and practice mote “I could have wasted a lot of time at home and my performance could have gone down,” she said.

During the time trial, Sarah passed through two laps on pace with more determi nation more than ever until she reached the final lap. Sarah was able to complete the lap in four minutes and 55 seconds.

Sarah won the scholarship to the University of Texas El Paso and also earned a referral coach from the university. She enrolled at the University of Texas El Paso to study a Nursing degree.



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However, her life took an unexpected turn when she fell in love, got married and became pregnant. Despite the unplanned circumstances, Sarah did not allow it to affect her.

She embraced the challenge with unwavering determination, managed her pregnancy till she gave birth while taking her Nursing classes.

“I can’t imagine and still don’t know how I made it through the last two semesters carrying the pregnancy, taking care of the baby, and continuing and passing your nursing classes. Knowing how nursing education is,” she said.

Though Sarah had to let go of her passion for running, she accepted her new reality and focused on her studies with the goal of graduating from Nursing school with a good grade. Sarah said the journey became even more challenging when she gave birth to her baby girl as it was not easy combining school with taking care of her baby.

She claimed that her last two semesters were particularly difficult and left a lasting impression of hardship. But driven by her love for her daughter and the unwavering belief she had in her aspirations, she did not give up.

Sarah expressed her gratitude to her parents,husband ,sister ,coach, relatives,friends both in the United States and Kenya for their support.She thanked her husband specially for sacrificing his time.

She said he paused school so she could complete hers after she delivered their child adding that he supported her in every way. Sarah mentioned that she is glad to have completed Nursing School as she made her parents proud through the acheievement.

She also thanked the University of Texas El Paso for giving her an opportunity to fulfil her dream even when she had lost hope in herself, when she got an injury and gave up on running.

Sarah encouraged  everyone who is facing obstacles to persist and persevere adding that they should work hard and be  determined so they can transform their dreams into reality.

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