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70-year-old woman fulfills lifelong dream, graduates US university with a bachelors degree

A determined 70-year-old woman named Gloria Stowers has fulfilled her lifelong dream of earning a bachelor’s degree after concluding her academic journey at Kennesaw State University, in the United States.

Gloria obtained her bachelors degreee in Art education degree from Kennesaw State University, Georgia in the United States. She told Fox News Atlanta that she decided to pursue the degree as she has always dream of being the first graduate in her family.

“I wanted to get away from the generation of my family being uneducated to being educated. Because being educated can give you opportunities in life. It makes the road that much easier. It gives you options you don’t even know of until you go,” she said.

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She stated that though though her parents had only completed elementary school, she made it her mission, as a single mother for her three children, Dijon, Sasha, and Maya, to attend college which she started six years ago.

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Gloria’s daughter, Maya mentioned that her mother’s academic journey is very unique being a mother who singlehandedly raised three children all by herself. She praised her for her resilience and determination.

“I think the background of my mom’s story is so unique, just with her going from a wife with three kids and going from my dad dying and her being left with a 12-year-old, a 6-year-old, and a 3-year-old at that point in time and still not giving up,” Maya said.

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Gloria stated that she waited until her children, Dijon, Sasha, and Maya, were grown and also was financially stable to fulfill her dream of obtaining a degree. She encouraged others to chase their dreams and aspirations.


“I wouldn’t say the key word is wait. I would say, no matter what, it is that you have a desire for, put the action into it. And time is of the essence, so every day utilize the time that is given to you,” Gloria said.

”And that is my fulfillment of all the things that I’ve accomplished. Be blessed and take advantage of what’s at hand,” she added.

Gloria mentioned that her achievement is simply the beginning of her journey and that she plans to still go higher. She also expressed her desire to teach art to kids, adding that she is eager to explore new opportunities.

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