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Amazing scenes as little girl snaps pictures of her dad who just graduated from US university with honours

A little girl has been captured celebrating alone with her dad who just graduated from a university in California, the United States with honours.

The picture which was shared on Twitter showed the young girl handling the camera like a professional with her father standing for a celebratory picture. The lovely images has since went viral on social media with many commending the young girl for standing with her father on such an important occasion.

The Twitter user who shared the event narrated that she went to her brother’s graduation but sighted the little girl taking pictures of her father alone. “This is the cutest thing I have seen today.
Went to my brothers graduation and saw a little girl taking pictures of her dad who had just graduated too. It was JUST them two. I was crying she was so proud of him,” she wrote.

Reacting to the amazing event, many scholars from around the world narrated how amazing it feels to have the support of such young ones. Matthew Hotchkiss, a Head of Business Development in a US company narrated that he can personally attest to the immense feeling of accomplishment he feels getting support from his family.

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“As someone who got his degree late in life I can personally attest to the immense feeling of accomplishment. It obviously helped my career but it was more than that. There’s never a good time to do anything they say, but I would disagree,” Matthew narrated.

Michael Evans who also reacted narrated a similar lovely moment he witnessed while in university. He said; “When I completed my Master’s I attended both the ceremony where I received my diploma and the University-wide ceremony where only the Doctorates where recognized individually. When one woman was called a young girl’s voice yelled from the top of the arena “Yeah Mom!” I knew that it would be a powerful memory both for Mother and Daughter.”


“Hopefully, my two kiddos will be attending my graduation next year,” Ivan Crespo said.

“I hope someone took a minute and stopped to take their picture together,” Francine Shaw added that taking their pictures together would be a memorable moment for the both of them.

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