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Brilliant 14-year-old girl who bagged two degrees from US university becomes a teacher at 16, sets record as the youngest teacher in America

A brilliant 14-year-old girl named Shania Muhamaad who earned two degrees from two universities in the United States has secured a teaching job at 16, setting a record as the youngest teacher in America.

Shania Muhammad is a  16-year-old girl from Oklahoma City who graduated with an associate degree from both Langston University and Oklahoma City Community College both located in Oklahoma City, United States at the young age of 14.

Shania secured a teaching job at Young Achievers Christian Academy at a very young age and currently teaches third grade at the school. She made history as America’s youngest full-time salaried teacher. 

Though her achievements are way above her age Shania has proven herself to be more than qualified for them. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Child Development and also earned two associate degrees from Oklahoma City Community College and Langston University.  

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Shania has also completed two years of National Teachers Professional Development Training through the Thurgood Marshal Foundation after her bachelor’s degree.

She said that despite having an impressive resume and professional achievements, she also possesses a genuine desire and passion for teaching and being in the classroom, which she is currently fulfilling.

Shania’s father, Elijah Muhammad expressed immense pride in her boldness and bravery, noting how she fearlessly pursued her purpose and faith, unaffected by others’ opinions and resolute in making her dreams and passions a reality.

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 “I’m super proud of my daughter for being bold and brave and stepping out on her faith and into her purpose. She doesn’t allow people’s opinions of her to dictate the reality of her dreams and passions,” Elijah Muhammad said.

The Director of Young Achievers Christian Academy, Charitta Smith who also doubles as her mentor said mentoring Shania is a privilege and an honor, as she assists and guides her on her teaching path.

She added that it is worth noting that since Shania has been in the school, she is excelling in her role as she skillfully handles students.

“It is a privilege and honor to be this young lady’s mentor, helping and guiding her teaching journey. We are a few days away from week one, and let me just say, she’s doing an amazing job with her third graders,” Charitta Smith said.

Shania is currently studying for her master’s of business degree and is on the track to graduate with a 4.00 grade point.

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