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Brilliant African boy earns acceptance to Yale University, set to study Economics

A brilliantt African boy named Khanya Mhlongo has been accepted to study for his bachelor’s degree at Yale University, New Conneticut in the United States.

Khanya, a South African who graduated from Hilton College, an all-boys high school in South Africa has been accepted by one of the prestigious Ivy League Schools in the United States, Yale University, New Conneticut to study for his bachelors degree.

The achievement was shared on Hilton College Facebook handle congratulating the young achiever. He graduated from Hilton College with 91% final Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matrics and also earned 7 distinctions.

Khanya was also the top 1% for Economics, History, English, and Life Orientation. He was awarded the Hilton DUX Prize 2023 for earning top marks in his year and was also awarded the scholar of the year.


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While a student, Khanya served in different leadership positions as the Deputy Head of School, and debate captain. He was also selected for the South African Junior and Senior A Teams, transformation and diversity committee, basketball, rugby, soccer, and Churchill House.

Speaking on his achievement, he expressed his gratitude to God, his father for sending him to a good school, and to also his teachers for their encouragement and belief in him. ”First, I thank God for this opportunity,” Khanya said 

”’ All I have achieved is due to his generosity and grace in my life more than due to my own merit. It was Christ who blessed me with a father who worked hard to send me to Hilton, with teachers who regularly went above and beyond the call of duty,’ he added.


Khanyan also thanked his friends who believed in him when he doubted himself and those behind the scenes especially the support staff at Hilton, the housemasters, and the admin staff who contributed to making his school a place where every boy can realize his potential.

“My routine was to be as consistent as possible. Every time I had extra space I made sure to use that time because I think it’s difficult to cram a five-year syllabus in the last few weeks,” he said.

He stated that even though earning an acceptance from Yale University is a dream come true, he will always cherish the memories from his high school. Khanyan has stated ingesting in his future even before he graduated from high school.

He sold his Xbox and used the money to buy Bitcoin in a bid to contribute to his family’s income. Khanyan even went as far as advising his father on how he could invest his money.

“I invest on the side, I invest in the stock market. It just started with me wanting to help and contribute towards the family, just giving my father ideas where he can invest his money to ensure he doesn’t need to be working till he is 65 years old,” he said.

“I do the research and then I tell him this is probably the best way for you to structure your finances. We are in a profit right now,” he added.

Khanyan mentioned that his parents came from humble beginnings and his success would not have been possible without his father’s hard work and his mother’s support. He added that another key to his success was his inquisitiveness.

He stated that he constantly nagged his teachers for more work, more assignments, and more prep materials so that he could improve his marks. Khanyan said that he will be studying for his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Yale University.

Though Yale University has accepted him, he stated that he is still awaiting acceptance from other top universities like Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Advising his fellow matriculants, Khanyan said they should zero in and focus on work and block out everything else.

“I’ve always put way more pressure on myself than anyone could put on me externally. If anybody tries to put pressure on me externally I’m very quick to resist,” he said.







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