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Brilliant girl emerges US high school’s best-graduating student, wins Gates Scholarship to 16 universities

A brilliant girl named Na’Shaya Puckett has emerged as the best-graduating student of Richwood High School in the United States. She was also awarded the prestigious Gates Scholarship and accepted to 16 colleges and universities across the states.

Puckett is a teen from Louisiana who graduated as the valedictorian of Richwood High School, Richwood in the United States. She stated that she was able to earn the achievement because of her strong head start at the beginning of her high school journey.

“Your 9th-grade year is your most important year. It’s your foundation for how high school is going to play out. You play around your freshman year; your senior year might not go as smoothly,” she said.

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Aside from winning the prestigious Gates Scholarship, Puckett earned 16 university acceptance letters. She was one of the 300 scholars chosen out of over 50,000 applicants.



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Puckett stated that she is yet to decide which school she will attend but no matter where she decides to begin her university journey, the Gates scholarship will help her pay the cost of attendance.

The scholarship will cover her tuition, fees, room, board, books, transportation, and other personal expenses. The application for the 2024 Gates foundation scholarship is presently over but the application for the next cohort will soon start. You can check how to apply and meet the requirements HERE.

She said with the help of the Gates Scholarship, figuring out how to pay for school is something she no longer has to worry about. “It’s easy to say what you want to do and what school you want to go to, but money is always a… deciding factor,” she said.


In addition to the scholarship, Puckett will also be mentored, and given career guidance and leadership training from the program. She stated that she is looking forward to receiving leadership training the most.

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“I already possess leadership qualities, but I feel like there’s always some places I can improve. Because, when you’re in a position like this, you have to be able to uphold yourself to a higher standard,” she said.

Puckett mentioned that her main struggle during high school was finding her identity and wanting to fit in with her peers. Despite facing social challenges, she managed to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

By actively engaging in her community, she became involved with various social groups. ”We don’t always come from the same background, yet we still have one goal. Like, we all want to better our communities,” she said.

In another story, 18-year-old, Treyvious Copeland was awarded the Gates Scholarship and was also accepted into 32 universities and colleges across the United States to study for his bachelor’s degree.

Copeland earned acceptance from top universities including Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, Louisiana State University, Jackson State University, and Morehouse College.

“It felt great going through the entire process. Some people thought it was a lot, but it was something I wanted to do so that I wouldn’t cut myself short,” he said.

Copeland, Chattahoochee native and a graduate of Gadsden County High School was awarded the prestigious Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship in addition to being accepted by 32 different colleges and universities in the Unites States.



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