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Brilliant lady bags 4.81/5.00 first-class bachelors degree after studying for 7 years, wins best student award

A brilliant lady named Jesujoba Awotoye has bagged her bachelor’s degree with a 4.81 over 5.00 first-class grade after studying for 7 years straight. She also won the award of the best-graduating student in her department.

Jesujoba obtained her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a 4.81 over a possible 5.00 cumulative grade point average first-class grade at Lead City University, Ibadan Nigeria. She was also awarded the best-graduating student of her department.

Celebrating her achievement on Instagram, Jesujoba shared that she studied at the university for seven years before she bagged the degree. She mentioned that she dropped out of her former university four years after studying a course that made her doubt her abilities.

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”7 years ago, my undergraduate journey started fully. I dropped out after almost 4 years of studying a course that was not commensurating with my efforts and questioned my abilities,” he said.

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Jesujoba mentioned that she left the course and started again with Human Nutrition and Dietetics with the pain of lost years, uncertainty, and self-doubt. She added that from her first day of studying Nutrition and Dietetics till she graduated, she felt joy and a sense of fulfillment.

She stated that she trusted God and looking back, she has no regret whatsoever switching her course. Jesujoba added that her academic journey was remarkable and she is grateful to God for making it possible.

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She expressed her gratitude to her parents, siblings, and friends who stood by her, reassured her, cheered her on, and prayed with her during her academic journey.


In another story, a brilliant Nigerian lady named Gift Abah has bagged a Pharmacy degree with distinctions at the University of Lagos, Nigeria after studying for 7 straight years.

Gift Abah obtained her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Lagos after 7 years instead of the normal academic timeline of 5 years. She proudly shared her achievement of being inducted on Linkedin. Read more about Gift HERE.

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