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Brilliant Nigerian lawyer bags PhD at UK university, makes family proud

A brilliant Nigerian Lawyer named Tioluwani Comfort has earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.

Tioluwani is a successful Lawyer and lecturer at the University of Essex, United Kingdom. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from the University of Abuja before she proceeded to Bangor University, Wales where she earned her Masters of Law.

She graduated from Bangor University with distinction and won multiple awards as the best graduating student. Tioluwani’s achievement of becoming a lawyer led her to join her mother and sister, who are also lawyers in Nigeria.

Tioluwani said she migrated to the United Kingdom for her postgraduate studies because of the incessant academic strike, However before she moved, she practiced Law in different firms in Nigeria.

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”I never expected that I would graduate with a distinction in an LLM Law, let alone graduate as the best student in Law. I am quite studious, really; but I would attribute my success to God, because nobody receives anything on earth except it be given to him from heaven,” she said.

Tioluwani said that her motivation to study Law started when she was in primary school when she played the role of a Lawyer in a drama. She added that her mother who is also a Lawyer influenced her decision.

”I would say that the real motivation to study Law was when I was asked to portray a lawyer in primary school. We were acting from a book called ‘The Incorruptible Judge.’ I enjoyed acting as a lawyer,” she recalled.


 She took to Facebook to celebrate earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Law specializing in Private and Business Law with a video of her walking across the stage to receive her certificate. Tioluwani said that every one of her milestones, and breakthroughs, is a testament to God’s grace.

Aside from being a lecturer at the university,  she served as a Graduate Students Representative during her studies. 

Tioluwani expressed her gratitude to her family for being her rock, a constant source of strength and belief, even when doubt crept in. She also thanked them for their unwavering support.

“I got the Canadian Black History Trail Blazer Award as a result of the quality impact I have made due to my academic achievements and because I also advocated for diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. Being a Trail Blazer means breaking down barriers,” she said.

Together with her achievement, the Esquire was honored with the Black History Trailblazer Award from the Canadian government. She said the award is a reminder that greatness knows no bounds and that our heritage is a source of strength and pride.

Looking forward, Tioluwani said she would focus on personal goals, stay true to herself, and be in the company of people who support and encourage personal growth.


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