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Determined Nigerian man fights hard to win UK Chevening Scholarship after suffering 5 rejections, celebrates achievement

A young Nigerian teacher named Namse Udosen who suffered several rejections in an attempt to further his education in the United Kingdom has finally won the prestigious Chevening scholarship to study for his master’s in the country.

Namse is a teacher in the Northern part of Nigeria who applied for several scholarships in a bid to reach a turning point in his career according to Medium. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Educational Administration and Planning at the University of Calabar, Nigeria.

After his bachelor’s, he proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria where he earned a master’s and a doctorate in Educational Administration and Planning. He stated that he had earlier applied to the Mandela Washington Fellowship and Erasmus Mundus for a scholarship but was rejected.

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”I had previously tangoed with with Mandela Washington Fellowship and Erasmus Mundus and I was left heartbroken. I was on the hunt for a big career move,” he said. Namse who is also an author said it was along the line he came across a Chevening scholar who had helped him to promote his book before.

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Namse mentioned that the scholar motivated him to apply for the Chevening scholarship, which he indeed did, but unfortunately, he did not manage to finish it. He said he regretted not completing the application when he found out that two of his friends completed theirs.

He also added that he found out the Chevening scholarship held a gateway to a world abundant with leadership and global networking.  The Chevening Scholarship Awards cover the full cost of studying for a master’s degree at any university in the United Kingdom.

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The scholarship also includes any additional accommodation, visa, and travel expenses you may incur as an international student. Application for the 2024 Chevening Scholarship awards has already been closed, However, you can read more about the scholarship HERE.


Namse said with the encouragement of the scholar he made an effort with confidence and he applied for the scholarship but unfortunately, he was rejected. He said the rejection made him dejected and insecure.

”Yet, this time, my overconfidence played the jester and made me tumble. The disappointing aftermath filled my heart with a melancholic cocktail,” he said. Namse said though he felt like giving up he reflected on the long journey he had embarked on.

Together the obstacles he had overcome, and the sacrifices he had made pushed him to reapply for the scholarship again in 2021. Namse said he recrafted his statement with better words but was still rejected.

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Namse said the second rejection affected him as he had so much hope in winning the scholarship because he made more effort in the application. He stated that though he felt like an underachiever,  he felt a sense of resilience and was determined to apply again.

”That rejection message may have brought me down momentarily, but it also ignited a fire within me. It fueled my determination to prove myself, rise above the setbacks, and come out stronger,” he said.

He said his work in education, especially with marginalized communities in Kaduna Nigeria, drew admiration which he included in the scholarship, but the scholarship was still difficult to win. 

Namse said he made a third attempt for the Chevening Scholarship in 2022. With support and encouragement from his friends and family, he rebranded his application adding his accomplishments over the past five years.

He said the accomplishments reminded him of his worth and he put together all of his experiences from the Dependency Project to Yasmin Elrufai Foundation, to Narrative 4 and his teaching endeavors at Essence International School enriched his essay.

Namse stated that with anticipation, he waited for a reply from the Chevening Awards and fortunately he was invited for an interview. He went for the interview with renewed hope and three months after he was awarded the scholarship.

With the scholarship, Namse is currently studying for his master’s degree in International Education and development at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

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