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Exceptional Nigerian man takes 58 courses in university, passes all on first attempt, graduates as a Lawyer

A young Nigerian man named Anthony Kabiru Abubakar who took 58 courses at Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria, and passed excellently in them graduated with a Law degree.

Anthony obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) at Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria.  He shared his achievement of earning the degree on his Twitter stating that the degree is a testament to God’s unwavering love for him.

He mentioned that in the course of achieving success, he took 58 courses in 10 semesters and passed every one of them on the first attempt. Anthony added that he wrote a long Essay researched, participated in extracurriculars and served in leadership positions.

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Anthony highlighted all his accomplishments while a student at the university on his Linkedin. He stated that upon gaining admission into the University, he was made the Class Representative of his class.

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Anthony mentioned that for the love of advocacy, he participated in the Bola Adekanle 100 Level Moot Court Competition 2019 and came out as the winner and overall best speaker.

He also participated in the Law Students Association (LAWSAN) 100 Level Orientation Moot Competition 2019 and he came out as the winner and overall best speaker. Anthony also participated in the 32nd LAWSAN WEEK’19 MOOT COMPETITION and was the winner and overall best speaker.

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Anthony was a participant and lead counsel in the Battle for Lord Advocate Moot/Mock Trials competition 1.0. Organized by the Moot Society, Ambrose Alli University 2019, a participant and co-counsel representing BOLA ADEKANLE CAMPUS CHAMBERS in the INTER CHAMBER TUSSLE Moot/Mock Trial Competition.


He said he was also a participant, winner, and overall best speaker in the CLASFON-AAU WEEK OF GLORY MOOT COURT COMPETITION 2020, a participant, co-counsel, winner, and overall best speaker of the BIU/AAU MOOT FACE-OFF COMPETITION 2020.

He served as the managing Partner, Director of Litigation, AMEN & CO. COMMERCIAL CAMPUS CHAMBERS, director of Moot, Mock and Debate, Intellectual Property Law Club of the university, Deputy Director, of Moot, Mock and Debate, Bola Adekanle Campus Chambers, Ambrose Alli University.

He was the Winner of the Battle for Lord Advocate Competition 2.0 organized by the university’s Moot Society, in 2021. He participated in the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Competition in Abuja, in 2022.

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Anthony also won different notable awards while a student. In 2022, he was awarded the meritorious rank of Senior Advocate of the university. He coached the AAU team that won the CHIEF PERCY NATIONAL MOOT COMPETITION, Benin in 2023.

He was a participant of the Regional rounds of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Competition, 2023, in South Africa, and was the Treasurer, of the National Association of Edo State Law Students.

Anthony stated that aside from advocacy, he has a passion for the activities of the Law Clinic which made him an active member and a one-time Class Co-ordinator of the Law Clinic in his school. He served as the Financial Secretary, of the Law Clinic of the university for three consecutive administrations.

He also represented the Faculty of Law, Ambrose Alli University in the 13th NULAI Client Counselling Competition which took place at Nile University, Abuja 2019.

He mentioned that Moot Court has contributed to him being a confident advocate, a critical thinker, and a believer in the power of perseverance. Anthony said it taught him the value of preparation, the art of persuasion, and the importance of integrity.

Anthony said he is proud of the person he has become adding that he is a mooter who can stand on any stage, a lawyer who can advocate for justice, and an individual who understands the transformative power of hope, dedication, and unwavering belief in oneself.

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