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Mother graduates Nursing school the same day as her only daughter, celebrates joint success

A mother and daughter, Tangenicka and Chyna Williams have achieved outstanding success after they both earned their Nursing degrees from the University of South Carolina in the United States at the same time.

Tangenicka and Chyna Williams, from Laurens, South Carolina are a mother-daughter duo who are graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at the University of South Carolina.

Tangenicka graduated from her licensed practical nurse program at Greenville Technical College when Chyna was just 6 months and she was present at the graduation ceremony.

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“This day here, let me know that it was only the beginning. We all graduated during Christmas, so we made nurses’ hats for the Christmas tree. My friends took my nursing hat off and they placed it on Chyna’s head. She was 6 months old.” But she knew already, “She’s going to be a nurse like her mom,” she said.

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However growing up, Chyna never saw herself becoming a nurse, and her mother never pressed her to pursue the professional path since she believed nursing was a gift. “I said, ‘OK, Chyna, that’s fine, because nursing is special. It’s a gift. It’s a ministry. You’re a vessel. If you don’t have it, it definitely will show in you,” Tangenicka said.

But Chyna surprised her mother when she revealed during her senior year of high school that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse.

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“Someone came up to her and said, ‘Chyna, what are you going to school for? And she said, ‘I’m going to school to be a nurse like my mom.’ And I was blown away because once she told me she didn’t want to do it, I didn’t press it. But when she actually said that’s what she wanted to do, I said, ‘Now she’s ready,” she added.


Tangenicka stated that she came from humble beginnings, and she reminds her daughter of how different her childhood was compared with hers. She also let her know the privileges she has being the only child on both sides of their family.

Despite facing financial challenges, Tangenicka said she grew up wanting to help people. She mentioned that her experience with seizures sparked her interest in the medical field, and her god sisters’ nursing backgrounds gave her a glimpse into the field.

Chyna said she was inspired by her mother’s compassion adding that as a child, if someone had a problem, she called her mother immediately and she would provide a solution.

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“I just wanted to be the same way, because I would always run into people saying, ‘Your mom is such a blessing, your mom is such a blessing.’ I’m like, ‘I know. She raised me, and she is my backbone,” Chyna said.

Tangenicka said the journey to earning a Bachelor of Nursing was not easy. After her Licensed practical nurse program, she continued her education at Greenville Tech and earned an associate degree.

She then proceeded to become a registered nurse and by Chyna’s daughter completed her program at Greenville Technical College in 2023, Tangemicka was already thinking about going back to school.

She stated that Chyna was transferring to the University of South Carolina Upstate and she decided to join her for the Nursing program. 

Aside from schooling, both of them work in the medical field. Chyna works night shifts as a nurse, while her mother has 24 years of experience as the assistant director of nursing at NHC HealthCare in Laurens, United States.

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