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Twin sisters emerge joint best-graduating student of US High school, win full scholarship to university

Twin sisters named Mya and Madison Glover have emerged as Toledo Early College High School’s best-graduating students. Their outstanding achievement earned them a full scholarship to study for their undergraduate degree.

Mya and Madison are twins from Toledo who were awarded the best-graduating student of their high school. Mya was the school’s valedictorian with a 3.99 Grade Point Average while Madison was the salutatorian with a 3.90 Grade Point Average.

The Glover twins said from the day they were born,  they enjoyed getting into friendly competitions together, including who was born first which made them bring their A-game to their school, making them both excel without being rivals.

“I’ve always been the kind of person where I get everything done as soon as I get it, because I figure I better get it done now instead of later,” Mya said. 


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“I would go to all of the study sessions, be at the library, doing the tutoring sessions, so just putting in the work and then, knowing when I need the help, I can ask for the help,” Madison added.

The twins attributed their success to their parent’s support. “Just staying ahead of everything, because that gave me time to ask questions when I need it, and just get everything turned in when I needed to,” Mya said.

“The values that my parents instilled in me as well as my belief that education is the foundation of success, because in the classroom, you learn a lot of skills dedication discipline, so just knowing that I can take advantage of that to be more successful in my future, that’s what motivated me,” Madison said.



The Glover twins obtained their associate degrees before they graduated from high school. They were members of Toledo Excel, and they have earned 2 years’ worth of college credit courses, which enabled them to complete their prerequisites in advance.

The Principal of Toledo Early College, Paulette Cole told Good Morning America that the twins have been amazing all through their stay in the school.

“From the day they walked into this building until now. it’s almost time for them to go, and you know, they’re irreplaceable. They have grown so much and we all appreciate them and we all love them,” Cole said.

The Glover twins stated that even though they were competing back and forth for the top spot, they were always supportive of each other.

“I would definitely say we have a unique relationship.  We’re very protective of each other and we want to make sure that we’re doing our best. We’ll keep each other motivated. So, I will say we do compete, but it’s just more about wanting to see each other succeed and knowing what we can do and what each other can do,” Madison said. 

The twins outstanding performance earned them scholarships to attend the University of Toledo, Ohio in the United States. Mya plans to major in Marketing while Madison plans to pursue a career in Nursing.

Both of them said the best advice they can give is to believe in one’s self and find others who believe the same. They added that staying focused and running your race is the key to having such success.

“Once you start looking at what others are doing, you’re starting to backtrack and kind of follow that, but just looking ahead and looking to see what you can do for yourself,” Mya said.

“Make sure that you have a support system. Even if you don’t feel like you’ve had people before,  reach out and try to find the people that can support you and help you, especially when you’re in need,” she added.




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