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Young Lady who withdrew from OAU because of low grades finally graduates university, bags Economics degree with 4.84CGPA

A young Nigerian Lady named Ibukunoluwa Areo who withdrew from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) because of her low grade performance has finally graduated from another university with a fistt-class honors grade.

Ibukunoluwa obtained her bachelors degree in Economics at Bowen University, Nigeria with a first class hobors grade of 4,84 cumulative grade point average. She also earned the award of te best graduating student in her college.

Celebrating her achievement on Linkedin, Ibukunolowa stated that the academic journey came with its own challenges but she was able to bring out positivity from them. She said that she initially enrolled at OAU but had to withdraw in 2016 because of her poor academic performance.

”When life throws lemons at you, sit still and make lemonades out of it. This sounds sweet, sharp and sleek but in reality, it’s a tough battle of the mind,”’ she said.

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Ibukunoluwa stated that the year after she took a Cambridge examination and even though she passed it her grade could not get her admission. She wrote the Cambridge exam the year after and passed.

Though she passed, she could not be admitted into the University of Ibadan due to an issue with the subject combination. Ibukunoluwa said in n 2019, she resumed as a Direct entry student at Bowen University to obtain first-class honors upon graduation.

However, she met people who knew better and wanted more than good grades. Ibukunoluwa said that even though she was astonished, she decided to show interest in their goals.


”I chose growth over mediocrity. It stretched me beyond my imagination, but I knew it was a seed-sowing season. After 3 years of building brick upon brick, I am proud to say that I graduated with the first 1. With a first-class honors degree in Economics,” she said.

Aside from being the best graduating student in her college, Ibukunoluwa was the third overall best graduating student in 2020/2021 set fo Bowen University, Nigeria.

She stated that in addition to her academic success, she served in various leadership capacities, the highest of which was being the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the school for 1 day.

Ibukunoluwa said she is thankful to God for grace, strength, provision, and the special gift of family, friends & people who stood by her throughout the challenges. She thanked them for believing in her even when she had failed before.

Ibukunoluwa said she is also grateful for the platforms that she served on that gave her pictures of how life looks outside the school walls. She said there is still more to come in terms of personal growth and development.

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