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Young Nigerian lady who worked as a househelp to pay her school fees finally graduates, wins best student award

A young Nigerian lady named Sarah Ogechi Osochukwu who worked as a house help to pay her school fees finally achieved her goal. She graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University and was awarded the best-graduating student of her department.

Sarah obtained her bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counselling at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. She won the award of her department best graduating student.

Sarah shared that her journey to earning a degree was far from easy, as she encountered numerous challenges. Born into a family without a history of attending university, she was determined to break this cycle, with her father as her main source of encouragement and support.

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However, things took an unfortunate turn when her father passed away while she was still in secondary school, leaving the family in financial hardship. Because of this setback, her mother managed to enroll her in a public school, where she passed her WAEC and was left with how to further her education.

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Even with financial difficulties, Sarah persisted and secured employment at a primary school, where she earned a humble monthly income of 10,000 Naira.

With her earnings, Sarah enrolled in a computer program and baking classes, where she graduated with excellent results. Driven by her dream, she decided to pursue her higher education.

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In 2019, she passed her university entry exams with plans to study petroleum engineering but she switched to an education course because of her experience as a teacher.


Sarah mentioned that her academic journey was filled with obstacles. She said during her first year at the university, her mother was robbed, and she lost her place to stay. F

Because of her situation, she was faced with the possibility of returning home and starting a baking business but remained hopeful and prayerful. During an eight-month academic union strike, she worked as a sales representative in a boutique, saving what little she could

At the end of the 8-month academic strike, she realized her savings were insufficient for both rent and food. Fortunately, her boss offered her a place to stay in exchange for working as a house help, with additional pay during holidays.

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Because the arrangement provided her with the stability she needed to continue her studies, Sarah took the offer, and to supplement her income, she started a drop shipping business with no initial capital, eventually establishing her clothing line.

Even with her challenging situations, she performed exceptionally well in her academics and took on various leadership roles. These included being the class assistant representative in her initial two years, serving as the departmental senator, and holding the position of faculty chief clerk during her third year.

Sharing her achievement on Facebook, Sarah expressed her gratitude to her mother and her boss noting that their words of encouragement and belief in her helped me achieve this milestone. 


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