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17-year-old boy sets record at US high school, emerges best graduating student with 4.50GPA

A 17-year-old boy named Austin Elliot has set a record at West Morgan High School as the first ever balck person to become a best graduating student after he graduated with a 4.50 grade point average.

Austin made history as the first Black male valedictorian in West Morgan High School’s history according to the Decatur Daily. He said he has always placed his grades first in his lifewhich made him graduate with a 4.5 grade-point average.

He mentioned that he was always bullied because of his skin color and was often called the n-word, but all of those challenges only motivated him more.

“I was bullied by a few, very few, of my classmates, and most of it was racial bullying. I was verbally bullied in both middle and high school,” he said. Austin’s friend Lucas Johnson testified that his challenges never stopped him from exceeding academic expectations.

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Austin stated that he decided early on to be a representation of his high school in the best light I could. He said he placed his focus on academic success and chose not to react to bullies because that would mean he was just like them.

He mentioned that his principal along with his counselor were the first to deliver his historic feat. “It’s generally never good when the principal comes to get you out of class, and I thought I was in trouble,” he said.

Austin stated that he plans to study for his bachelor’s degree at University of Alabama, Munchville in the United States.


In another story, a young lady named Alecia Washington has broken the 100-year-old record of R.J. Reynolds High School, North Carolina in the United States after becoming the first-ever black valedictorian of the school.

The young African-American girl graduated with top honours from R.J. Reynolds High School, North Carolina in the United States. Read more about Alecia HERE.

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