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17-year-old Twin sisters emerge as US high school’s best-graduating student, set to become Medical Doctors

17-year-old twin sisters Judith and Janette Briseño emerged as Mesquite High School’s best-graduating students after scoring the highest grade points in their graduating class.

The Briseno sisters were the top two students with the highest ranking at Mesquite High School, Texas in the United States. Judith scored a 3.95 grade point average and was awarded the Valedictorian while Janette scored a 3.94 GPA making her the salutatorian of the high school.

“The doctor said one minute, but the birth certificate says two. We are very close,” she added. “We would compete with one another, but it was healthy and friendly,”Judith said in an interview with GMA.

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Judith and Janette stated that they have been trying to earn the achievement since their freshman year.


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“It really doesn’t happen that a Val and Sal are twins, so we were happy that we were able to accomplish that. There’s no bitterness — I’m just happy to be up there with her,” Janette said.

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The principal of Mesquite High School, Gerald Sarpy described them as great representatives of the school and hard workers taking advantage of opportunities.

“They really grew. Not only academically, but they had a strong hand growing the JROTC program and grew in that program as well. We are so proud of all the obstacles they’ve overcome and very proud they represent Skeeter Nation,” Gerald said.


Judith mentioned that she and Janette are undocumented immigrants which made them face some challenges when applying to school and obtaining financial aid. She added that she and Janette are currently pursuing their United States citizenship.

“For anybody else in my situation or any Hispanic students or minority, if they feel something is challenging them, they shouldn’t give up. While there aren’t many opportunities for me, there are still some,” Judith said. Put in hard work. It will pay off, and you will be rewarded,” Janette added.

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The Baseno twins mentioned that they will be proceeding to Texas A & M University, United States adding that they plan to pursue a career in medicine.

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