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65-year-old American rapper, Flavour Flav returns to high school years after dropping out

American rapper, Flavour Flav has decided to reenroll in high school with plans of earning a diploma and also starting s show to document the academic journey.

Flavour Flav, whose real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr. is an American rapper, hypeman, and DJ with a career spanning 39 years. After spending several years out of the limelight, he starred in multiple reality series and dating shows.

He has decided to return back to high school o  earn a diploma after he had earlier dropped out when he was in his eleventh grade according to Afrotech. During an interview with TMZ, Flavor Flav revealed that he has an upcoming show focusing on him earning his high school diploma.

“I’m going back to high school to get my diploma! That’s what my show is going to be about. Flavor Flav goes back to high school to get his diploma and I’m getting it for real. Not a GED, bro. I want my diploma,” he said.

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Flavour Flav has already met with the local school superintendent and a school board member with plans to approach the full school board in the next couple of weeks.

He said though he is aware that high school has completely changed from when he first was a student, he is ready to adapt and determined to earn the diploma. “If I want that diploma, it’s something that I got no choice but to adapt to,” he said.

A reality TV show about Flavor Flav’s completion of his high school education has been over a decade in the making as ABC 13 had earlier mentioned that he pitched the idea for the show to a high school in Iowa.


Flavour Flav said in an interview with Believer Magazine in 2023 that he recalled getting into trouble in high school, which eventually led him to drop out.

“It was because I was the Dennis the Menace of the society. Not just of the school, but of the society. I ain’t gonna lie, I was a very mischievous kid. But that’s all just part of growing up and stuff and, you know, peer pressure,” Flavour Flav said.

”Sometimes, you hang out with the wrong crowd because you want to be the talk of the town. You want to be the man, you want to be the—the one everybody’s talking about. I was more of a follower than a leader, but yet I still was a leader because I did have people following me,” he added.

In another story, American Legend rapper, Earl Stevens popularly known as E-40 has been awarded an Honourary Doctorate Degree in Music by Grambling State University in Louisiana, United States.

E-40 was once a student of the Historically Black College and University (HBCU). He attended the institution for a year in 1986 before his rise to fame and has since remained close to the school.

In February 2023, E-40 was reported to have made huge donations to the institution to the tune of $100,000. According to a statement by the university, the funds will benefit the Music department, the World Famed Tiger Marching Band, and the upkeep of the newly installed recording studio. Read more about E-40 HERE.


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