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Mother and son graduate from the same university on the same day, sets record

A mother and son from Maryland, United States have achieved outstanding success after they both earned their Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maryland at the same time.

The mother and son named Carolyn and Immanuel Patton explained that their achievement marked the fulfilment of their promise when the son, Immanuel was 5 years old.

“I remember I just told my mom … one day, it’s gonna be you and me. We’re going to get our degrees at the same time,” Immanuel Patton, 23, recalled to GMA.

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Carolyn Patton narrated that she once gave up on Bachelor’s degree after attempting unsuccessfully in 1995. “For me, I had sort of gave up on it because I had already accomplished some associate’s degrees and then I had started my bachelor’s degree back in 1995 but life happened. Things got in the way,” Carolyn explained. 

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Carolyn who is now 63 further explained that her son, Immanuel, inspired her to re-enrol for college after making a promise that they will both graduate together. “That promise … he never allowed it to die. It was continuously, ‘You know, mom, we’re gonna do this,” Carolyn Patton said.

Both of them graduated from the University of Maryland Global Campus, which they were drawn to because the school specializes in online degree programs.

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They started taking classes in 2020 and had to support each other till their graduation in December 2022. “I said, ‘Ma, you’ve got to keep it going. I know you want to stop. We got to keep going,” Immanuel Patton said. 

“The main thing was just trying to get everything lined up and stay on top of her as well stay on top of myself,” Immanuel added.

Both mom and son said they are “very proud” of each other’s achievements. “I’m very proud of him that he has crossed off all the [items on his] checklist from birth till 23 years old. I’m so happy that we went that route because right now, look at us, we both have our bachelor’s degrees.” Carolyn Patton said.

Carolyn Patton received her bachelor of arts degree in humanities and Immanuel Patton received his bachelor of science degree in public safety administration.

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The University of Maryland Global Campus President Gregory Fowler described the Patton’s achievements as exemplary. “We are inspired by Immanuel’s commitment to support his mother — and for him to make that pledge at such a young age is truly remarkable. That we have helped him fulfill his childhood promise to Carolyn makes us all extremely proud,” Fowler said.

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