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Young African man bags two Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Law, set to earn another degree in Accounting

A young African man from Ghana named Odansi Papa has set an outstanding record after earning two bachelor’s degrees in Medicine and Law.

Odansi Papa narrated that he started his exceptional academic journey by enrolling in university for a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, after becoming a Medical Doctor, he returned to the university to earn another degree in Law.

Celebrating his achievement on social media, he expressed satisfaction in his achievement citing that God has shown him favour. “It is well with my soul. The Lord has shown me FAVOUR,” he said on Twitter.

He revealed that earning both Medicine and Law degrees took him 12 years of intense learning. “Doctor + Lawyer = more than 12 years of intense learning,” he said.

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Odansi Papa however did not intend to stop his academic journey with two degrees, he noted that he is in line to earn another Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. “Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Businessman & Aspiring Accountant,” he explained.


In another story, a young African Lady named Cynthia Okoro achieved an exceptional feat after enrolling for a Master’s Degree in Engineering Control Systems and Implementations (Aerospace) twice to prove herself as a brilliant person.

Cynthia Okoro earned distinction in both Master’s degrees from the University of Huddersfield in Huddersfield, England.

Celebrating her exceptional feat on Twitter, Cynthia wrote that she did her Master’s degree twice so that they have no doubts about her distinctions. Click HERE to read more about Cynthia Okoro

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