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Young Nigerian woman graduates from US university with honors while nursing her three children alone, celebrates achievement

An exceptional Nigerian woman named Oluomachukwu Umeojiaka has achieved remarkable success after bagging her masters degree with honors at John Hopkins University, United States when she single-handedly nursed three children.

Oluomachukwu, a mother of three obtained her masters degree in Masters in Public Health and certificate in Maternal and Child Health. at the prestigious John Hopkins University’s School of Medicine, United States.

She stated that when migrating to the United States, she believed she had everything planned out perfectly. Oluomachukwu hoped to secure a standby nanny, preschool, and primary care provider for her kids.

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She added that she also had hopes of finding suitable accommodation, obtaining an international driver’s license, and creating a smart study plan. However, things did not go as expected.



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Oluomachukwu said she faced resistance from others who did not support her decision to move with her three kids including her husband but she moved nevertheless.

She recounted facing challenges with her plans collapsing right from the moment they attempted to clear customs at the border, leaving her without anyone to seek assistance from.

Oluomachukwu said tearfully she pushed through the challenges and settled in the United States. She mentioned that no day passed by without her struggling and questioning her decision.


Despite the hurdles, Oluomachukwu said she was certain about not going to relent and had her mind set on graduating with her cohort and it was too late to give up.

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Oluomachukwu mentioned that some of her examinations were written with her baby strapped to the back and the others crying  out in the background but she persevered/

She said she was confident that having studied relentlessly and with God on her side, the little distraction from the three children would not cause her to fail.

Oluomachukwu said that though the beginning of the academic journey was a difficult and painful experience with challenges, the outcome was rewarding and wonderful.

She said she learned the valuable lesson that people are one’s most important resource and she will not risk taking any challenges shortly.

Oluomachukwu said she is graduating as a happy, fulfilled, resilient, and skillful health advocate signing out from Johns Hopkins, the number 1 school of public Health in the world.


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