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Young boy graduates US high school with 3.20/4.00GPA, set to become a Teacher

A young boy, Mckinlee Hall from Georgia in the United States has graduated from Southwest High School Southwest High School with a 3.20 over 4.00 grade points despite facing a lot of challenges while in school.

Hall, a resident of Macon, Georgia, overcame various obstacles to successfully graduate from high school with excellent grades. He faced the challenge of being raised by a single mother who struggled with substance abuse and also lived with the uncertainty of not knowing his father according to 13WMAZ.

“If anybody in this school been through something, I’ve been through something. I was in a single-parent home. I only have my mother, and I don’t even know my father,,” he said.

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He event went hrough the loss of his grandmother and brother who were dear to him in the midst of the challeges. Hoever, he made the decision early on to provide for himself and his younger sister.




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“It was times like we would go to sleep like, you know, no food, and I would have to go and rake yards just to get some money to put on the lights,” he said.

Because of his upbringing, he got influenced fell into trougbe with law enforcements. “I had found myself with a group of friends that got me in trouble. So I ended up going to an alternative school,” he said.

Hall recalled that occasionally he and his family would sleep in the dark and go to school without eating. Eventually, he went to live with his aunt, who struggled with drug addiction and eventually relapsed.



It was during this difficult time that Hall decided to make positive changes in his life.“Seeing what my sister was going through, she was hurt and going through the motions, so it was like, I gotta change for us,” he said.

Hall said he focused on his academics, football, and his faith, was abe to graduate as an active studentt and with a 3.20 grade pount average.

He attributed his achievement to the encouragement of his peers and teachers at Southwest High. He also carried the memories of his deceased grandma and brother with him.

“If you told me five, six, or years ago I’m going to be graduating now with the respect and honors I have, I wouldn’t believe you,” he said. Reflecting on his journey, Hall stated that he saw the challenges as necessary for his growth and achievement.

Aside from school, he actively engages in community service, channeling his energy into initiatives like feeding the homeless through his nonprofit organization and addressing teenage issues through his church’s Bibb Mount Zion Podcast, ‘RE-UP.’

He was honored with the Game Changer of the Week award which he dedicated to his sister. He shared on his facebook that upon recieveing the Game Changer Award he also made a commitment to become one of the best teachers ever.

”Today I received the Game Changer Award from my guy Carlos Stephens and I also made a commitment to become one of the best teachers ever! If you would’ve told me my freshman year that I’d sign today to become a teacher I’ll look at you crazy,” he said.

Hall said he will be proceeding to Fort Valley State University, where he plans to major in education. Advising others facing adversity, he encourages them to always try to stand stong in the face of their challenges.

“Never let your problems bring you down, and if they do bring you down, always try to get back up. Don’t stay down for long,” he said.



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