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14-year-old mathematics genius beats competitors to win 7 medals across the world, set record

An exceptional 14-year-old Nigerian mathematics genius, Fatima Adamu Maikusa has set an outstanding record after winning 7 Mathematics medals in different competitions from across the world.

Fatima Adamu who hailed from Gombe, Northern Nigeria is currently a student at the Nigerian Turkish International School (NTIC) Kano, Nigeria.

According to a report shared by her school, Fatima started her mathematical journey at the age of 9. She thereafter proceeds to win competitions including the American mathematics competition (AMC 08), and the International Eduversal Mathematics Competition in Jakarta Indonesia.

She also won the International math challenge in Bangkok Thailand, the Kangourou sans frontiers -KSF mathematics competitions, Future intelligence students olympiad (FISO), Mathematics without borders in Bulgaria and the Komodo math festival in Indonesia.

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Congratulations to Fatima Adamu Maikusa. In another story, a 15-year-old British-Nigerian kid was named a scholar after discovering a new formula in the field of mathematics.

The young boy named Chika Ofili emerged as one of the youngest mathematical scholars for working our a formula that solves several division problems swiftly.


He was born in London, UK and attended the Westminster Under School in London. He made the discovery while completing a homework assignment given to him by his teacher.

Chika’s teacher, Mary Ellis, she gave Chika a book called “First Steps for Problem Solvers” while on break. The book contained several division problems that required him to determine if various numbers are divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 before completing the full problem, but his math book didn’t contain a memorable test for dividing by 7.

In Chika’s quest to solve the division challenges, he created a new method that consists of taking the last digit of any whole number, multiplying it by 5 and then adding this to the remaining part of the number to get a new number. He found that if this new number is divisible by 7, then the original number is also divisible by 7.

The method was backed with algebraic proof, and it has successfully changed the way math is understood all around the world. Click HERE to read more about Chika Ofili.

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