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18-year-old blind girl survives challenges, wins $10,000 scholarship to the university

An 18-year-old blind girl named Jennifer Tylock has defied the odds to win a scholarship worth 10,000 dollars to study at the university.

Jeniffer is a senior at Shrewsbury High School who was awarded the Jewish Guild Healthcare scholarship. In eighth grade, she was diagnosed with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, a rare genetic disorder that causes loss of vision according to Telegram. 

The Jewish Guild Healthcare, specializes in services for the blind and those with vision loss, awarding 10,000 dollars worth of scholarships as part of its to legally blinded high school senior GuildScholar Program.

“I now have a permanent blob of blurriness in the center of my vision, making everything harder, especially reading and recognizing faces,” she said. Jennifer stated that the vision loss has presented a real challenge, especially in the classroom.


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“I have to use a handheld electronic magnifier for reading any print. I can’t read the board no matter how close I sit to the front of the room, but my teachers have been good at verbalizing what they are writing and giving me notes ahead of time,” she said.

Jenifer said she has spent more than a few hours filling out applications and writing essays in the hope that an organization will award her thousands of dollars toward her continuing education before winning the scholarship award.

Even with all the obstacles she faced, Jeniffer fought hard and was able to survive. While in high school, she was the National Honor Society scholar and accomplished French horn player.


Jeniffer was also a captain of the track and field team who competed at the New England Championships in the pole vault. The director of special services for the Guild, Gordon Rovins described her as an exceptional being.

Gordon stated that she was part of a five-person committee that selected Jeniffer’s submission from a pool of about 50 applicants. That decision was based on her high school transcript, GPA, SAT scores, awards, three letters of recommendation, and two essays.

Jeniffer mentioned that she wants to pursue engineering though she has yet to decide on the school but she will make use of the scholarship, which can be used for tuition, housing, or personal expenses.

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